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    Keeping pulled pork warm for a birthday party

    A good friend's daughter is turning 1, and I have been asked to smoke 4 butts for the birthday party. My only concern is keeping the pulled pork warm and moist after it has been pulled and ready to be served. In my minds eye, I would like to pull it as needed, so as to reduce the time from its...
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    Lowe’s Kingsford sale...

    Kingsford Original Charcoal Briquettes, BBQ Charcoal for Grilling- 20 -lbs Each (Pack of 2) Item: #1155634 Model: #4460032069
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    Weber outdoor gas heater $70 Greensboro, NC

    I can honestly say,This (to me at least) is somewhat of a unicorn as I have never seen one of these before.....
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    18” WSM $100. Charlotte, NC
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    1st Attempt at Tri Tip

    Our local grocery store (Food Lion) had tri tip yesterday. It was pre marinated and seasoned, but around here, finding tri tip at a grocery store is like finding a unicorn! I got 2 of them and hurried home to fire up the little smoker. Cooked @ 250°-260° for about 2-2.5 hours until it reached...
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    Stainless platinum free for the taking!! Raleigh, NC
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    Stainless performer; $35 Near Winston-Salem, NC
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    Anyone make there own SPG (salt pepper garlic)?

    I’ve heard a lot about people really loving the addition of a SPG rub on steaks, briskets, and just about anything else you can grill or smoke. I’ve looked up several different recipes, but they’re ratios are pretty much all over the board. Just wondering if anyone here males their own and what...
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    Faux Burnt ends

    When the wife asks for burnt ends, the wife gets burnt ends! These faux burnt ends have become a regular hit at our house as of late. As I was cubing them up, my wife took one and asked that I not put any bbq sauce on them this time as she thought they were just right without it! I don’t think...
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    Rubs and smoke rings

    I read somewhere on here that a particular ingredient helped produce a better smoke ring when used in your rubs. I know, I’m not delusional and realize no one ingredient is going to produce a magical perfect smoke ring, but if I’m leaving something simple out of my rubs that could help produce a...
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    Gander Outdoors 40% off in stores

    Gander outdoors is going out of business, and everything in their stores (excluding firearms, ammo, and generators) is 40% off. We went last night and picked up a 12” 8 qt Lodge Dutch oven for $57 out the door. Tim
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    WSM $50 Burlington NC
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    WOW, older Weber summit $50 Asheville NC
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    Blackstone griddle, or Camp Chef Expedition 3x?

    I have decided that the next tool in the arsenal is going to either be a blackstone 28” griddle, or a Camp Chef Expedition 3X. I know A LOT of people bought the blackstone 17” a while back, but I’ve not heard anything about the 28” griddle or the Expedition 3X. This will be used at home, as well...
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    22” WSM NOW DOWN TO $200 Burlington NC

    I saw this and posted it last week when they were asking $225, now it’s down to $200...
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    22” WSM $225 Burlington NC
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    Weber outdoor fire pit $100 Hendersonville, NC

    Looks to be in very good shape...
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    Performer with gas assist $50 Raleigh NC
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    22” WSM $100 Charlotte NC
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    Qxxx $50 Cary NC

    This looks like it could be a great deal!!