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    any buyers remorse of e6 summit purchase when compared to other weber kettles?

    What changes were made from the original Summit with table to current Summit with table?
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    any blackstone griddle fans out there?

    I bought a 22 inch to give me 2 zones to cook on. On Blackstone website they make a stand for the 17 and 22 although they are currently sold out.
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    cleaning grill grates

    Mark are you showing off how clean the grates are? They look almost new. All kidding aside I been using a grill stone from Lowes. It`s recycled glass so make sure you rinse well.
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    SS Grate for 22" kettle

    I, like you Ryan , got tired of replacing the standard grate every year. The only benefit besides being cheaper, you get a shiny new grate. But they kept creeping up in price. I went with the SS grate from sns grills. Have owned it for a couple yrs very happy with it.
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    Myron Mixon's new book " Keto BBQ "

    Lynn I was on a Atkins diet 15 yrs ago. Only diet where it actually produced results. You start with 20 carbs per day. Do this for 2 wks than slowly increase carb intake every couple wks. You are trying to find out how many carbs your body can consume and maintain a good weight. Made me pay...
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    Crisp chicken skin

    Corey, all I do for thighs,breast, even a whole chicken. Pull out of package, thin coat of olive oil, sprinkle some ole bay place on weber with SNS get heat to around 350. Usually takes about an hour for chicken to cook. Never had an issue with mushy skin. Wings for some reason have to spread...
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    Got the green light to buy the E6 Kamado

    Bradley, I take it Weber got rid of the wobbles? Was the fix the same as first gen? Nice job on the wings. What size vortex do you have? Enjoy your new toy.
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    Got the green light to buy the E6 Kamado

    Looks great Grant. That extra real estate is awfully tempting.
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    Second spin, double the chickens

    Michael my chicken turned out great. Only a 3 lb chicken took about and hour and a half. All I use for seasoning is olive oil with Ole Bay and smoked paprika. No salt cause their is salt in Ole Bay. That is also what I use when cooking chicken with slow n sear. Gives a crispy skin. Sorry no...
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    A mini-rant with pictures

    Tim Murphy in response to your post about chicken check out Bell and Evans in Fredericksburg Pa. They have fresh normal size pieces of chicken. Do a google search, you will be able to get store address and hours. Oh by the way their chicken is delicious.
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    Second spin, double the chickens

    Very nice Michael. The wife and I decided to change from ham to chicken for Easter dinner so I spun one also. What size chickens did you have on?
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    Affixing 2 X 4 to brick wall ?

    Tapcons aren`t meant for brick. Like G Schafer said, lead anchors. I called them hollow wall anchors. Used them for fastening to block wall.
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    A used WSM 18" ... To buy, or not to buy, that is the question

    Good eye Bruno. The reason they had the middle on upside down was it didn`t fit the way it`s supposed to go on.
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    First Burn...Weber Summit Kamado S6

    Very nice Grant. I`m with you on a 24 inch cooking surface. I have a couple kettles,18 wsm and 18 kamado Joe, and their are times I wish I had more room. What is the difference between gen 1 and gen 2 S6? Is the cooker itself the same? Enjoy your new toy.
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    Vendors to buy wood chunks from?

    I`m about an hour away Michael. You gotta check it out. They build all sizes and types of smokers. Cabinet, reverse flow, pig roasters,flat top grills. They have a small chicken flipper that might cost me some money. Trying to talk wife into it. She says I have enough grills. You know how that...
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    Vendors to buy wood chunks from?

    I stopped in a bbq shop today. First time there and the place is awesome. Located in New Holland Pa. Meadow Creek BBQ supply. Do a google search you`ll find it. In fact that Post Oak was one of the items I bought today. They also manufacture their own smokers that look to be top quality. Amish...
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    2nd generation Weber Summit charcoal

    I don`t believe were talking about the same grill. As per Weber web site their is a Weber Summit Charcoal. I guess you would call it the first gen. They list the new grill as Weber Summit Kamado-E6 or S6 with attached table. My question is are they going to keep manufacturing the first gen...
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    2nd generation Weber Summit charcoal

    Does anyone know if Weber is discontinuing the Weber Summit charcoal grill? It would seem to be, but they are still shown on their website.
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    2nd generation Weber Summit charcoal

    I have a wsm 18, and two 22 kettles. Early this year I bought a Jumbo Joe from Ace Hardware. Opened the box and the lid had serious damage. Looked like forks of fork lift poked it. Box it was shipped in had no damage at all. None. Returned to Ace and we both figured it had to be packed in box...