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    Anybody awake? Need help with brisket please!

    Agree with John. DO the probe test . If it is soft with hardly any resistance then it's done. Temps are a guide. The meat will tell you when it's ready.
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    Sauce Ingredient: SOY Sauce

    Steve A, great article! Thanks for the link.
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    Coffee Wood?

    Wonder if it's decaf??
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    How long for a Boston Butt (approx. 9 pounds) to thaw in the fridge?

    I think so. I've been doing this for years. All I can say is that the color of the meat is great and haven't ever noticed any appreciable loss in flavor. It really makes a pronounced smoke ring. Try a comparison . Do one frozen and one not and see for yourself
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    Transfer to clean pan before smoke?

    Grant use a disposable aluminum pan. Remember that the butt will sit in all this fat and juice while it's cooking. Phil has the better idea of putting a disposable pan underneath
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    How long for a Boston Butt (approx. 9 pounds) to thaw in the fridge?

    Ben, don't worry. I cook my butts frozen all the time. Great smoke ring!!
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    Getting the marinade into the chicken?

    Tom, sounds like you need to brine rather than marinade. Brining penetrates into the meat more. There is a section on this site that describes the brining procedure. If not, the web has plenty of insight. Marinade does exactly what you described above.Marinading does not penetrate all the way...
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    Boston Butt other than smoked.

    Done it in a crock pot with bbq sauce. Makes passable pulled pork for those who don't know the difference
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    No. 5 Sauce

    Jr, I never use ketchup in my variation of the #5. I use some bottle sauce that I like from around here. The bottled sauce is great on its own!!!
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    butcher paper versus foil

    Thanks for all the info guys :)
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    butcher paper versus foil

    Ok, what is the advantage of using butcher paper over aluminum foil with brisket???
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    Smoked Meatloaf

    The best part of smoked meatloaf is the next day.COLD. Great sandwiches!!
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    Ultimate Shelf Life Guide *****

    Jeff, I should have died in the 60"s . Oh, were talking about food. Sorry. Mike ,this wont save any disagreements me and my wife have about this kind of stuff. Milk especially. I say if it doesn't smell and its been in the fridge its good. She's out dumping stuff after the expiration date.
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    WSM 22.5 Hasn't Even Arrived and I'm Already Overwhelmed.

    Ben, my suggestion would be cook on it a couple of times first. You'll know then which mods you'd like to put on.I've got the holes for running the thermometer cable. I keep saying I'm going to wire the bottom grates together but I never get to it. Good luck and good smoking. Welcome.
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    Cooking in an aluminum pan to reserve juices?

    Chris, had some butts I had to finish in the oven on my last cook. Put them in foil pans. I had more juice than I knew what to do with. Strained the fat out now I have great pork collagen to add to my other recipes. I wouldn't have had this if I had been able to finish in the smoker. I don't...
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    Whole Fresh Ham

    Tim, your dog was sure eying that ham pretty closely. :)
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    Nube Question

    Bill, LOL on your comment!!!
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    Help with deer meat

    Thanks Ken. Cooking outside would help a lot. I have a problem with cooking deer meat inside. The smell bothers me. I like how it tastes but cna't stomach the smell of it cooking :confused:
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    Nube Question

    Kiss method??? Please explain.
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    Help with deer meat

    Had a friend give me a deer meat roast. What can I do with it??:confused: