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    Online sources for fresh spices?

    I am looking to purchase fresh spices on-line and am seeking advice as to the best site. I have always used spices bought at the grocery store with good results. However, I purchased a rib rub at a local bbq shop and was blown away by the taste. This rub made the best ribs I have ever cooked...
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    Overnight cook

    I am planning my first overnight cook for this evening. I live in a rural area in upstate NY. I plan to get the butt started and then go to bed and sleep fo about 5-6 hours. How likely is it that raccoons will feast on my butt? My wife is not concerned at all. However, I have read here that it...
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    Butt Questions

    I purchased a large pork butt (almost 15 lbs.). I do not have time for an overnight cook. Can I cut the pork in 1/2 to cut down the cooking time? I came across a pear tree and cut some branches with the intent to use as smoke wood. Can I use wood right away or must I season it first? Has...