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    HD Z Grill Sale

    Seems to be a cheap way to get into a pellet grill no idea how good these things are but the entry price won't kill anyone...
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    1000 Firebox some other parts.

    I got a 1000 firebox not warped its true needs 2 on the right side posts to be drilled out but those posts are intact not a big deal drill them out fill with JB you will be good. Also have a black lid obviously has the fade and some side caps as well as the wire hanger for the small drip tray...
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    Stones in ATL Nov 11

    Well to my surprise asked my wife if she wanted to go to the Stones in Nov she is all in playing at Mercedes. I saw them in Boston maybe 35 years ago getting old maybe is was longer than that but Billy Preston was playing piano. Still pissed I did not see Tom Petty when he ran through Atlanta...
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    New Lid Bale for Performer Item 65188

    I know this has been discussed before but just did this today as I was sick of the lid tilting the way it did in the bale that came with the grill. I bought from Weber think they did give me a bit of a discount so it was $35.23 with shipping and taxes think on Amazon it was 39 bucks and change...
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    Mothers Day King Crab on the Silver C

    Wife wanted King Crab for Mothers Day and that is what she got. Bought some Filet's to go with the crab fortunately did not cook them the crab legs were a pound a piece my wife myself and daugher were stuffed with the crab we did eat a few twice stuffed baked potatoes though 2 left tomorrow so...
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    Broilmaster Premium ATL

    I know there are some fans here not myself and this has been up for about 3 mos so maybe gone by now who knows.
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    Big Tiger Woods Fan

    Sad that accident today might be the end of Tiger's career certainly done this year. Per reports a shattered ankle and two leg fractures, one of them compound.
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    Stainless Steel Grates for Weber 22" Kettle Seleware

    I just finished a performer for a friend of mine last thing was the cooking grate. This appears to be a fairly new entry in the Stainless arena claiming 304 I kind of like their design the rounding of the rods on the end but we will see the price was right and he just ordered it so should be in...
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    Performer Table Coated with Epoxy

    I had a friend bring me a Performer to do over Gen 2 with the stainless on the front panel. Sorry did not take pictures of the restore but as most of them the plastic table was cracked. Since I was stripping it down and he has a Garage Coating Business told me to give him the table and he...
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    Grill Selling Season Here in the ATL

    Was in HD today between outside and inside probably 100 grills built and ready to go. I don't believe when I was in there a few weeks ago there were any outside, there were some inside in the covered Garden area before you went outside to the actual shrub and plant area. Out of 100 probably...
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    Performer Gas Assist Rust where tank goes

    Am doing a gas assist performer for a friend that he brought to me. Looking for some advice when I unscrewed the small tank still works by the way there was rust on the threads on the tank as well as where it screws into the regulator. On the tank took a fine wire brush to remove most of the...
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    Gen 2 Performer Parts from Weber

    Just put a parts order in to Weber for a Gen 2 which a friend of mine brought to me to rehab. It was a mess should have started a thread on it on what I have done but he paid 100 and I would have passed but it is a blue with of course rust spots on the lid and bottom which on some sites are...
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    Buyer Beware about used Smokefire's.

    So I just got off the phone with Weber really good rep just passing this on. In Atl there is one for sale in an outlet place for $400 EX4 it looks used hard to say but another listing new for $500 EX4 and from the picture I can tell they bought it from Lowes so no idea what they paid but I am...
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    Happy New Year to everybody.

    I want to wish everybody a Happy New Year don't know about how the rest of you feel but happy to see 2020 gone. Tomorrow is football heaven for me the college playoffs Bama and Clemson. I usually have a few couples my best friends over for my semi annual dinner of Shrimp Fettucine which they...
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    Weber Ex4 and Ex6 Facebook Atlanta

    Not really sure what to make of this EX4 for $500 and the EX6 for $700. Weber Pellet Grill 36” and 30” - Barbecues, Grills & Smokers - Eatonton, Georgia | Facebook Marketplace | Facebook
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    Butterball 3 pound Turkey Breast Boneless

    Looking for some suggestions but I am planning on doing this on my performer at 350 so estimating 25 min per pound pull at 160 hate dried out turkey. So my plan is to split my charcoal baskets on either side with the breast in the middle. Will do a rub a few chunks of wood spray the breast...
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    Sequoia RI

    Someone needs to get this, hello Jon road trip. Maybe one of the MA guys or any members in RI.
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    PK360 in GA

    Not mine but anyone in the ATL looking for one appears to be a good deal.
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    1100 For a Buddy of Mine

    So a month ago one of my best friends stops by the house to have a beer. He has a 4 year old Stok Gasser falling apart went to find some parts for it of course none so I said to him I got an Weber under the deck never restored it and by the way talk about a procrastinator I posted a thread on...
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    Welcome New Members

    I have noticed a lot of new members posting in the pellet grill forum especially, so welcome to all I became addicted to the forum in July of 2017 great bunch of people with a huge amount of experience whether you have a gas grill, charcoal kettle, WSM or whatever. The more members we have to...