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    Bone in Prime Rib Rotisserie Style

    Friend came over with seven pounds of prime rib. Let’s see how it comes out. Gerry
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    Quesadillas on a Genesis

    Getting ready. My part was done when the grill was hot and the “big spatulas” were out. They tasted great! We are full... time for a nap. Gerry
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    Ribeye done on the Genesis

    We took a drive to New Glarus, Wi. to pick up some meat at Hoesly’s butcher shop. We grabbed some flank steak and some ground beef to try. I asked if they had any thick cut ribeye in the back. “No, but we’ll cut you up some” “2” thick please, and we’ll take two” “Done”. This morning we took them...
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    Genesis Gold Kicked to the Curb

    Drive by this in my neighborhood on my way home. Seems to be in good shape, so I picked it up to give to a co-worker.
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    Barbeque: The Weber Tradition

    I went to my mom's house for a birthday lunch and happened to come across the cookbook from my dad's grill. I thought some of you might be interested in a little Weber history, so I scanned it from cover to cover. (72+ pages, including all the blank pages at the end for notes) Looks like the...
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    This guy doesn't like my grill...

    Must prefer charcoal.. but really? How rude!
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    Tri Tip Sandwich and some Shrimp from the Barbie

    Someone on this forum mentioned the Lone Mountain Wagyu Smoke and Save package for $199. We decided to give it a try. Friday morning we transferred a tri tip from the freezer to the fridge to thaw. Saturday morning we sprinkled it with salt and put it back in the fridge uncovered until some...
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    First Time Pizza Success on top. Failure on the Bottom

    We tried making pizza on the Weber. Nothing fancy, just store bought dough. My wife told me that we NEED to prebake the dough before putting the toppings on. I wasn't so sure, but I let her win. I have a flat piece of 1/4" stainless and a home made griddle. I put the flat piece on the grates...
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    Student Seeks Advice From the Oracle. Pork Shoulder

    Prepping two 7 pound pork shoulders for cooking tomorrow. I trimmed some of the fat cap, and then scored it. Then I massaged some Memphis Dust from the Amazin' Ribs recipe, wrapped in plastic and put them in the fridge. Then I took two flavorizor bars and filled one with apple chips, and the...
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    Pork Butt on the Genesis

    Cooking up an 8 pounder. For smoke, I inverted a couple of flavorizor bars and added apple wood. Next time I'll put some foil over it. Next comes the biggest disposable aluminum pans that fits full of the hottest water from the tap. Butt was covered with Meatheads Memphis Dust from...
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    Quick Mahi and Broccoli

    Fired up the grills for the first time since converting from LP to NG. The 1/2" thick stainless griddle took an hour to heat up on med med med. Water test was boiling vigorously, but not dancing. Fired up the other grill to warm up some broccoli that the wife had charred earlier. Broccoli on...
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    Sunday with the grills

    A little bacon on the griddle. Bacon presses could have been bigger. Then some eggs and English muffins. Ribs next. Cooked them low and slow for 5 hours. Meanwhile, on the other grill: Dinner is served: Gerry
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    Let's Clean Out Some Old Gas Valves

    Taking a break from my other project, so I decided to clean up some old gas valves to get ready for the upgrade to natural gas. First step was to remove the gas valves from the manifolds. A 3/4" wrench and vice made quick work of it. A minute or two on the wire wheel to clean up each valve...
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    Natural Gas Conversion Q's

    I'm running a 3/4" gas line out to supply my grills. I have a NG manifold ordered and I have a second one for the second grill. So the grill conversion is taken care of. I will reduce to 1/2" pipe for the two grills. So, is there any preference for quick disconnects, flexible line from the...
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    Old Style Fuel Gauge and a Griddle

    Last year I restored a couple of old Genesis grills, but I never got the old style fuel gauge finished. Here is the thread: I scrapped the idea of painting the old ones, so some 1/8" scrap stainless...
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    Temporary Cover for the Grill

    With the snow and cold temps we've had here lately, the Genesis Greenie behind the pipe fitter's shanty hasn't been getting much use. It has a temporary cover on it to protect it from the weather.. [/IMG] [/IMG] Gerry
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    Restoration Projects. 1992 Genesis 1 and Late '80's Genesis 2

    I am restoring a couple of old Weber Genesis grills, and a quick Google search for info brought me here. I have three genesis redheads, one is inherited from my father. It was a Christmas present to Dad from Mom in the '80s. I remember helping put it together, and it was the first Weber gas...