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    Royal Oak Charcoal

    Lowes here in Lanc are sold out, but still some available in the York area stores, and Harrisburg area stores. 15.4 lb. Bags on clearance for $4.99
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    New West Knife Works

    I know these are not cheap but I got to tell you that these knives are fantastic in your hand. I have 4 of the Fusion wood knives and they just feel like an extension of your hand. If you have some extra bucks or want to treat/pamper yourself try one out and I think you will be hooked. Corey...
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    Beef Ribs and a Fatttie

    Found some really nice un-molested beef ribs at the store on Friday. Simple S&P, gran garlic, gran onion, and woosty powder on em. The fattie is just a Bob Evans white wrapper roll rolled in my anything beef rub. As always using Hump lump as the fuel, and a few small pieces of Red Oak for smoke...
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    Moscow Mule

    2oz. Premium Vodka 1/2 Lime squeezed 6oz. Cock N Bull Ginger Beer 1 copper mug ice Mix it all up and sip away. I'm drinking one as I type this, actully my second one.
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    Paste Flat

    I'm did a varriation of Kevin's paste rub on a nice 7.15lb. flat when I got home from work today. I'm putting it on the WSM in the AM to take to my Sister's for dinner Sunday. I'm also putting a pan of Barbie's Beans on the lower grate under the flat. I'll update the pics as I go. Link to pics.
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    My New Ashcroft

    Man this thermo is AWESOME!!! As some of you know, I broke my be-loved 3" face, 6" stem Ashcroft last year when the lid slipped out of my hand, and landed on a container sitting beside the WSM. It was great for the lid that the container was there, really sucked for the Ashcroft as the 6" stem...
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    Heads of Garlic

    This time of the year is pretty crappy, at least in my area. I'm gueesing this is the end of last years harvest? As every head I find is either getting soft/spongey or sprouting. Anybody else see this with heads of garlic? Just saying.
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    Giada's Italian Wedding Soup

    I made this tonight for dinner. It's outstanding. Her meatball recipe for this soup is very good. Meaning if you need a really good meatball recipe, this is a good one. Here's the link to the recipe, and a hard copy for the forum. I had 3 bowls of this for dinner on Sunday. I used endive, as...
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    Meatloaf and Some Onions

    Made up a 3 lb loaf after work today. Cooked it over Hump Lump. I lit a full chimney and dumped that on to half a ring full of Hump. Just the foiled lined empty water pan as usual. WSM got up to about 310º-315º lid temp and stopped. All vents wide open, I keep tellin' ya all it runs cold. Also...
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    WSM runing for 26 hrs.

    Started yesterday at 2:10 PM EST cooking a rack of beef ribs over Hump lump and red oak. Threw on 2 fatties after the ribs were done. Cut the vents way down to keep it going while the race was on. Filled up the ring after the checkered flag and put on a 8lb. butt for an overnighter over Hump and...
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    Kruger Tri-Tip Dinner

    I made up Kevin's Bison/Beef rub to put on a Tri for tonights dinner. I used straight porcini shrooms, all I had. I just love how awsome dried porcini smells. Anywho got a cored onion in foil along with a Knorr beef cube, butter, some woosty sauce, and a big russet on the top grate. I'll put...
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    Baby Backs and Barbies Beans

    Finally got a whole weekend off from work, the first one since Easter weekend. I'm up at my Sister house cooking 3 racks of BB's and a pan of Barbies beans. It was my Nephews Birthday yesterday so this worked out good. I used Mary's Cherry Rub for the ribs, cooking over Hump Lump, and cherry...
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    Italian Beef Cook

    Is underway. Found what seems to be a good and popular recipe online, at Big Oven. I'm adapting the recipe to the WSM, verses the oven. I'm cooking over Humphrey's as always, and just using a foil pan underneath the 2 roasts in place of the water pan.No smoke wood is being used, the lump will...
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    Just Wanted To Say

    Splendid job by you and Weber on the re-design. Job very well done.
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    22" WSM, Raising the Charcoal Grate up away from the vent tabs.

    Here's what I did. I bought 1/4" longer bolts, and 6 small nuts, same size as the ones that come with the WSM. I also bought 3 large 9/16" nuts that fit over the stock nuts. I threaded 2 of the small nuts onto the bolt and tacked the 2 small nuts together. Then I welded the small nuts to the big...
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    New 18" & 22" Charcoal Bowl Assembly

    Looking at the best way to assemble the newly designed charcoal bowl and tray, I looked to the box it came in. This will protect from scratches, held the bowl steady, and I had moved the bowl about 5-6" off the edge of the box, this makes it easy so you can stick your hand up and put the nuts...
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    Sherry for Cooking???

    I need to get some Sherry for cooking, mainly for cream soups and or a bisque. I'm guessing something on the sweetish side? but... I drink BEER!, I have no freaking clue when it comes to grapes. Thanks, B
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    Stock Pots, Encapsulated Bottom

    If you are in the market for a stock pot, look here first. I bought my 50 qt/12.5 gal pot from them several years ago. It's a very well made pot and comes in at 18.5 lbs. I just bought a 12 qt from them tonight, with the encapsulated bottom. Do yourself a favor and the next stock pot you buy...
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    Big Flat On

    Have a 7.71 choice flat on high heat over Dragon Breath lump, and oak and apple wood. I used the Texas BBQ Rub #2 (brisket blend) and the WSM is running @335º. 1 hr in, and the flat is @ 118º, will foil once it reaches 160º. I'll cool, slice, vac seal and then re-heat in hot water. This is for a...
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    Cured Turkey Breasts

    I made up a cover pickle cure with the help from Kevin Kruger. I would like to thank him for his help with that. All the recipes I found, seemed like they were using too much pink salt, and Kevin agreed. So here's what I did for 2 Turkey breasts both right around 5.5 lbs. 2.5 gals of water 1.5...