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    Overall bowl height of MTP vs Wallyworld 22" Jumbo Joe?

    Currently I have a 22" Jumbo Joe with legs cut off so I can fit it in the truck bed for camping, with the legs cut off it just fits under the tonneau cover. I bought the Jumbo Joe because the shalllower bottom bowl depth allowed it to fit under the cover. I'm curious if anyone can measure the...
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    Sometimes it’s better to be lucky

    I recently decided to switch up my cookers due to a new move with a different lay out. I wanted to pair down to a more streamlined set up, flat top, smoker & a big grill for daily cooking but no propane. I have a few kettles & a Performer which did my main grilling duties but I always ran out of...
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    Found a used Gen 1

    I found a used Gen 1 Smokefire for a great price & while I’m not sure if it was ever registered I’m assuming that I need to pay for upgrades to get it to Gen 2 status since I’m not the original owner? Any idea how much for the upgrades?
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    Torn between the EX6, MB 1050 & Chargriller 980

    Hello all, I need to replace my Performer, after many years of good use it's time to send it to pasture. I love my kettles & wouldn't mind a 26" Performer but Weber refuses to make one for some reason & I don't have the time or ambition to make one myself. I'm looking for something to grill on...
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    Adding gas assist to a Performer?

    I'm deep into winter up here in NH but I've been dreaming of spring so in my quest to up my BBQ game when the snow melts I've been planning some mods to my Performer. Knowing I should have bought the deluxe but not having it in stock when I picked up my Performer four years ago I've always...