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    Summit Kamado E6/S6 owners: what do you wish you'd been told when you got yours?

    I also purchased the additional charcoal grate based on Grant’s suggestion, I haven’t used it yet but can see how handy it will be.
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    Summit E6 cooking grate options

    I’ve heard that the Big Joe expander works in the Summit but I haven’t purchase one yet.
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    Weber Master Touch Premium alternatives

    I can tell you that 100% the older first gen Summit diffuser fits into a 22” kettle. I borrowed the one off of my Summit, built an expanded metal charcoal ring & did two 9lb butts overnight with my BBQ guru fan assy driven by my Fireboard 2. After about 15 hours I still had a few coals left...
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    Pulled the trigger on a Summit Kamado E6

    I have to join along & say that you will absolutely love it. I love mine, even for simple quick cooks it brings a smile to my face, if I could only have one cooker it would be my Summit Charcoal. Enjoy!
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    Wind and the E6

    Agreed, the top vent is crucial for the Summit. On a kettle or a lot of other cookers you can/should run the top vent wide open but the Summit is too efficient for that.
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    Wind and the E6

    I am currently running my Fireboard Drive with the BBQ Guru fan on my WSC for the first time, I'm trying to maintain 275. I started with a modified Minon method. I lit some leftover lump in a basket over the Snap Jet then used one empty basket to take up some room on the bottom grate while I...
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    Weber Kamado E6 fully assembled. Might have to return it?

    Congratulations! I love mine, wish I bought it sooner.
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    Charcoal ring and diffuser set up for Weber 22 kettle

    Tom Horsman did a video on this, it may help with your build, check it out below.
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    Overall bowl height of MTP vs Wallyworld 22" Jumbo Joe?

    No real reason, just looking for the overall size.
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    Fan for fireboard drive 2

    Ok, so then I could use the pit viper instead of the fireboard fan with my Drive without needing the extra cable or additional power supply. Thanks!
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    Overall bowl height of MTP vs Wallyworld 22" Jumbo Joe?

    That's what I'm wondering as well.
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    Overall bowl height of MTP vs Wallyworld 22" Jumbo Joe?

    Currently I have a 22" Jumbo Joe with legs cut off so I can fit it in the truck bed for camping, with the legs cut off it just fits under the tonneau cover. I bought the Jumbo Joe because the shalllower bottom bowl depth allowed it to fit under the cover. I'm curious if anyone can measure the...
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    Fan for fireboard drive 2

    I’m curious, can you use the Drive without the special adapter cable to drive the Pit Viper like you can with the Fireboard fan or does it require the adapter cable plus an additional power source?
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    SmokeFire’s back on sale! 🔥

    PID is a term used for a few different manufacturers controllers, it doesn’t refer to just Weber or anyone else. PID controllers are more accurate than the older generation of controllers that dumped pellets on a timer vs actual feedback from the grill. I wouldn’t get too hung up on the...
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    any buyers remorse of e6 summit purchase when compared to other weber kettles?

    I can't speak to the table version but I just picked up the "old" version of the Summit & it has the gas ignition which quite frankly I didn't think I would care about but love now that I have it. The deflector is different in the old vs new, the old deflector is a two piece hinged design vs a...
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    E6 Port Question

    They are just run between the gasket. I did a pork butt this weekend with multiple probes run under the lid, zero leaks or issues.
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    Price increase coming up?

    Plus add the freight costs which have doubled even tripled in recent years.
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    any buyers remorse of e6 summit purchase when compared to other weber kettles?

    Love mine, absolutely no regrets except for buying other cookers before buying my WSCG, would have saved a lot of money otherwise.
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    Price increase coming up?

    Not surprised with all the increases in steel, was only a matter of time I guess.
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    Sometimes it’s better to be lucky

    I was trying not to blame anyone specifically but now that you’ve stepped up my wife would like a word with you……. :)