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    Hello to my new addition to my Weber family!

    So as some of you might recall, I JUST recently picked up a Weber 22" WSM and while I have only used it once that I love this thing. Only gripe is that she's a bit hard on fuel to heat such a massive space. I was perusing my local classified and found a person selling this smoker for $150 but...
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    Did Weber Canada JUST increase the prices of the WSM on Nov 2, 2021?

    I just took notice that as of today all resellers of Weber smokers just jacked up the prices of their smokers. 22" was $549 -> $599 18" was $439 ->$489 14" was $299 -> $329 That's crazy how prices keep rising.
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    WSM dome thermometer accuracy

    So I've read a number of threads indicating the WSM's thermometer is nothing more than a hood ornament. I just received my replacement thermometer from weber and did the boiling water test against a known accurate thermometer and found that the replacement gauge from weber is actually spot on...
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    First smoke preparations for 2 racks of beef back ribs

    Hello fellow TVWB members! I am in the midst of prepping 2 racks of beef back ribs (2KG per back rib) and the ribs are washed and rubbed down with a light coating of mesquite rub and placed back into the fridge ready to be smoked tomorrow morning :) I believe I have most of my ducks in a row...
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    Good temperature monitoring thermometer for WSM/Kettle/Genesis S330 Grill?

    So about a year ago I snagged myself a Weber Mini grill temperature monitor for $50 CAD. At the time it was a pricing error in the store and so I jumped on it right away. FFWD to today and a proud owner of a lightly used WSM 22.5" smoker that I am in the market for an upgrade for my...
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    Considering a 2nd WSM even though I JUST picked up a used 22.5" model yesterday.

    So here is the scenario: I've been lurking for years and contemplating buying a WSM. Locally there were two listings, a 22" and an 18" model for $330 and $325 CAD respectively. I bought the 22.5" model (built-in 2013) and discovered afterward that the cooker is in 8.5/10 condition. It had...
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    FINALLY after years of looking I picked up a modestly used 22.5" WSM

    Have been a lurker for a long time but finally made my first WSM purchase! I had a choice (for essentially the same price from 2 different sellers) either a 18.5" or a 22.5" model. Ultimately I ended up on the 22.5" model even though it was older and not as well "accessorized" by the 18.5"...