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  1. Joe T Gomez

    Turkey day

    It was all about family
  2. Joe T Gomez

    Flank steak

    Grilled flank steak in a cast iron skillet with onions squash salt and pepper butter olive oil
  3. Joe T Gomez

    TVWB hat

    Thanks again Chris for the hat it’s the bomb going to wear it at our next family cookout 😎
  4. Joe T Gomez

    Beef Ribs

    Smoked them 3hrs warp for 2hrs just salt & pepper at 250 on wsm
  5. Joe T Gomez

    Rainy day

    Been saving this for a rainy day and it came yesterday
  6. Joe T Gomez

    Today’s cook

    Smoked this ribs two hrs wrapped them for 45 minutes at 275
  7. Joe T Gomez

    Today’s BBQ

    Made tri-tip brisket Style today for the grandkids made a drip pan with garlic onions salt and pepper cup of water place tri tip over pan cook it for two hours at 275 when it hit 150 placed it in the drip pan and cover it with foil it till I hit 200 pulled it off let it rest for about an hour...
  8. Joe T Gomez

    Weekend BBQ

    I tried making a pork loin this weekend I’ve never done it before cooked it about 275 for about two hours in the wife made some homemade mashed potatoes with some homemade gravy surprised myself they came up pretty good 😎
  9. Joe T Gomez


    Pulled out a tomahawk and my son gave me for Father’s Day out of the freezer today cooked it a little bit different than you usually do for the simple reason that my wife has to have her steaks well done by fired up my Weber smoker hit 250 plays the Tomahawk in their season with salt pepper...
  10. Joe T Gomez


    Hi from central cal.cook on a 22”wms Learning to cook with a pitmaster IQ 110 welcome any input