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    2021 TVWB Christmas Prize Drawing - Win Weber Summit Kamado E6

    Holy cow! That's awesome, Chris. I'm in.
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    One of these Thanksgivings......

    Post #8 question withdrawn. It probably would have been okay, but I'm eliminating any risk of making the family sick and picked up a fresh 14#'r at the local Harris Teeter. I've read about possible turkey shortages this year, but it's certainly not evident in the Piedmont Triad area of NC...
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    One of these Thanksgivings......

    So your 15# is pretty close to my situation. Butterball's website now says cook within 1-2 days. I'm thinking my turkey should be fine, but Thursday morning is not the time for me to find out otherwise. Might try to find a fresh one tomorrow🤞.
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    One of these Thanksgivings......

    Ok, I remembered this lesson from last year but I think I had my wife take the turkey out a little too early this time. It was only an 11 pound bird (just four of us) and she took it out last Thursday. I'm thinking it was mostly defrosted by Sunday - probably some ice remaining in the cavity...
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    Oakridge BBQ Sale through Halloween

    The Santa Maria seasoning is quite good on steak as well....and burgers.
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    Prime Chuck Burgers

    I've bought those before and they were pretty darn good. I think that's a good mix of beef for a burger. Yours look great and that new grill makes them look even better.
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    I saw something today that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

    I'd certainly look for a metallic gray. I'm a drab color kinda guy and all of my other grills/smokers are already black.
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    Texas Smoked Turkey Breast

    That looks great and it would probably freeze well for sandwiches in the future.
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    Weekend Pork and Flank

    Nice! Glad you liked it.
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    Weekend Pork and Flank

    You could try half and add more before you take it off the heat. I had a little sauce left over and I just did a taste of the straight sauce. You could maybe try 3/4 cup but again, you can always add more at the end.
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    Weekend Pork and Flank

    I usually do a half batch but yes, I use the full amount in the recipe. I don’t find it overly sweet, but that’s me. I like the balance between the sweet and sour.
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    Weekend Pork and Flank

    That is correct. The recipe doesn't call for it, but I salt it and put it back in the fridge for a few hours. Let me know how you like it.
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    Cottage for the week

    Great looking vacation and food. That breakfast plate would fill me up for the day.
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    Weekend Pork and Flank

    we grill pork tenderloin often. Herb rubs, wet brines, banh mi sandwiches etc. I find it’s somewhat forgiving if you overshoot the temps a little, which I did on the cook above. I usually try to hit 145. edited to correct spelling and correct the temp.
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    Weekend Pork and Flank

    Thanks Bruno. Here’s a link. Hope you like it.
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    Weekend Pork and Flank

    Took advantage of the nice weather this past weekend and did a couple cooks on the kettle. First up was Grilled Sweet and Sour Pork Tenderloin. Main players were the tenderloin, red peppers, fresh pineapple (cut the top off so no one sees the clutter on our counter), and some white onion...
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    Pork Steak on the Gasser Best Yet

    Pork steak looks perfect. Hope for a quick recovery for Barb.
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    Chicken bombs

    Those look outstanding. I need to remember this one. Nice job.
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    Labor Day - Vortex Chicken Thighs "Naked"

    Nice cook. When I use my vortex my chicken gets a little.....let's call it "toasty". I need to try using less charcoal like you have.
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    Labor Day Ribs

    Ribs look great, Rich. I'm going to have to try that high-heat method.