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    Kyle - this one was up your alley

    Tell me you were the one who scored this............
  2. W's your chance

    Weber Summit Charcoal Grilling Center in Marietta. $1k
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    Weber 22.5" Kettle, $50, Cumming Georgia (Forsyth Co)

    Even though seller is touting it as an OTG, it appears to be a One-Touch Silver with ash catcher added (single handle and "silver" style thermoplastics give it away). Good deal though.
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    Stainless Two-toned Red, $60, Atlanta GA (Lilburn)

    Probably some competition for this one. Better hurry
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    New Copper OTG, $100, Fayetteville GA
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    18.5 WSM, $135, East Cobb (north Metro Atlanta), GA

    This may be Lew's (?). Clean WSM, looks like brand new, and a great deal at $135. Also has a blue Mastertouch for $75.:cool:
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    22.5" WSM, $200, Decatur GA

    Looks to be more Clarkston than Decatur, according to the map. I got no response from the seller but maybe you'll fare better. Don't need this at all anyway. :)
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    Weber 22.5 Platinum in Loganville, GA, $85.00

    Older Platinum with the same side table as the Performer. Looks to be in great shape, and a pretty good deal for $85.00.
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    new Copper Performer, $185, Columbus OH

    Not the gas assist model, but a HECK of a good buy (for the more rare color).
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    End caps for wheels on new OTG

    I recently acquired a damaged (but very cheap) new copper OTG. Went through and straightened a couple of dents, now noticed that the end caps that hold the wheels in place were lost. Are there any readily available substitutes for these caps in the big box stores?
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    "Scored" a BNIB 14.5 WSM yesterday for $100

    Responded to a CL listing, met the sellers at a rinky-dink office park north of the city. They had the office space FULL of stuff - majority of it just junk piled on top of junk. But the WSM was pulled out and set to the side. Did a quick inspection and handed the lady 5-20s. Deal was done...
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    The 'Groker' - another gadget for turning a kettle into a smoker

    So, it's just a square pan attached to the underside of the cooking grate - but not bad for what it is. Less than 20 bucks and you're done. The immediate thing that comes to mind after seeing the video is "Why not just go down to my local Walmart and buy the pan and a couple of stainless...
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    Picked up a 22.5" WSM for $130 today (CL score)

    Absolutely insane deal, if you ask me. Date code "AU" (2012). It's not pristine and has been well used; very gunked up and has a dent in the lid from where it appears to have been dropped and landed on the handle. and I'll have to replace the lower vent rivets with stainless screws. But for...
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    Anyone need a Forest Green Performer lid?

    It's an extra I got when I bought a C&B Performer last year. It's brand new/unused and is for a Performer (or Mastertouch), as it has no lid hook - but obviously will work on a regular Kettle. 25 bucks and it's yours. Cheaper than you can get it from Weber I'm sure. For sale locally only as...
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    Latest kettle acquisition (CraigsList)

    Another kettle I didn't need. But for 25 bucks...?!?!?! Only one tiny dent in the lid, and a smaller one in the bowl. Best deal I've gotten so far on a kettle Inside's a MESS, but the ash sweepers move freely and I don't see anything that won't clean up to new condition.
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    The 'SMOKettle' - Anyone ever heard of or used it? 3.6 lbs of stainless steel and lets you use basically all the grill space on the kettle. I like the concept much better than the Smokenator and it's cheaper too. If it works as advertised, then adding the stainless steel flip grate from Weber may make this a decent...
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    DIY Kettle pizza clone for 20 bucks Interesting clone of the original for less than 1/5 the price. All parts he got from his local hardware store (available at the big box retailers too).
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    St. Louis cut Spare Ribs - $1.97/lb at SuperTarget

    If you have one nearby, they're Hormel brand; good-looking ribs, single cryovac pack. They had the same sale Memorial Day and I missed out. Got 5 slabs this time. Average about $6-$6.50/slab. There's a limit of 6 per customer. Probably go back for 5-6 more tomorrow. Then, I'm stocked to the...
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    Tough decision - but one had to go

    I've owned an unused 18.5 WSM for 7 or 8 months now and have never used it - and only assembled it a couple of months ago. Since then it's only sat in my garage. A few weeks ago, came across a used 22.5" WSM for a great price and jumped all over it. So that made two WSMs taking up space and...
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    New 26 3/4 kettle - the "grillsanity" continues....

    At the beginning of the day today I wasn't even considering another grill. Just a week ago today gave my sis-in-law a never used 22 inch silver kettle that I'd added an ash catcher and genuine Weber therm and bezel to. Then today I just happened to be "perusing" CL and this thing showed up...