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    Tonight, Halloween.

    OK. I'm old. Been around awhile. When I was a kid we'd rake the leaves into the street, then light them up. Standard practice, and that in a primary city in New England. So, it's Halloween. It's fall. Tonight was a warm, but crisp night. Nice night to be outside with a jacket on. I fired up...
  2. J

    Another Craigslist Score - EE Performer, Blue

    This hit Craigslist a couple of days ago, I think I surprised the guy by responding within minutes of it being posted. 1999, EE, that nice royal blue color. No dings, no chips. Frame is rock solid, no shimmy or shake. All parts are there. Heavy duty OEM Weber wire charcoal baskets included...
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    New to me Q200

    Recently found a free Q200 on Craigslist, I was able to be the first response to the ad. Q200(0?) in nice condition, with a new igniter, a newer looking burner, came with (the cheap) stand and the original cover. Quite a nice deal. Cleaned it up, soaked the CI grate, got the burnts (new...
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    Craigslist FreeQ, how to determine model?

    Trolling Craigslist yesterday I came across an offer for a free Weber Q, with cart and cover. Incredibly I was the first response to the ad and the kind gentleman offered to hold it for me until today. Ran out this morning, picked it up Overall excellent condition, needs minimal cleaning. He...
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    Late model Genesis advice?

    OK, got a friend looking to replace a built in gas grill on his patio. Currently has a rotted out Jenn-Aire installed that served him well over the years, he thinks he can replace it without too much modification with a late model Genesis (2 years old) #62011001 4 burner. These currently sell...
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    Weber Fire Pit - Craigslist Boston

    Saw this while perusing the local Craigslist ads.... $50 Not mine, no relation Arlington location
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    Craigslist find...

    I'm in the process of planning the build of a 500 - 600 square foot deck off of the back of the house. Access only from inside the house initially. It's a 50's ranch, LR on the back side. Has a walkout basement, and we look out from the living room towards Boston (45 miles) well over the tops of...
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    45 minutes away, $40, '95 Performer

    Craigslist find. The frame is rock solid, no wobblies. The top has a ding/rust, but otherwise is in excellent shape. E0 on the vent. Came with a bin of charcoal... Bungies only because we're expecting a storm tonight and I won't be able to get it into the house until tomorrow.
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    All you collectors....

    Here's one you need: If I hadn't spent so much $$$ on a house remodel it would be in my living room right now.
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    1975 RedHead

    "Vintage 1975 Weber Bar-B-Q Kettle Charcoal Grill 22”. Has a couple of surface spots of rust. Solid and heavy metal. ALL ORIGINAL! No dings, has all vents intact, and has solid grates with a little surface rust. Comes with corn on the cob insert. Comes with Rotisserie insert (no rotisserie), and...
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    Roadside "Genesis Silver B LP Mica Blk SWE Cast Iron Grates" find

    Picked up another persons cast-off over the weekend. Looks to be a 2002 "Genesis Silver B LP Mica Blk SWE Cast Iron Grates" as determined by the Weber site. Serial # DU xxxxxxxx. Overall excellent condition, just real dirty. Frame is solid, firebox is straight, slide out catch pan etc all good...
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    Skyline 1200 Manual

    63 page Skyline Manual Craigslist, Framingham MA. $10
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    My first gasser (well, kinda....)

    Let me preface this post with the following: I once owned a gasser, it actually fell off of a truck near 40 years ago. One of the low-life brands. It was free, with little damage from the fall. Used it for a good 5 or 6 years. Then I found charcoal. Briquets, lump. And live wood fire. Dumped...
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    Help with identification?

    Picked this what looks to be a Silver B up from a friends house, I'll be doing some repairs for him. It's been played with before, primarily the supports for the underpan. I'll attach some photos from what I can best describe as my potato-phone...looks like I may need to clean the lens of the...
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    Boston Craigslist Find, Kettle and Custom Table

    Not mine, found it while browsing on Craigslist. Interesting take on a built in kettle.
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    New Yorker has a weekly cartoon that needs a caption. This week: You guys got anything funny to say here?
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    For sale in RI

    Somewhat near my home...anyone got any info on this? I'm stumped. I can't post images? Hmmmm... Check this link, pic # 8
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    Grilling Atlantic Blue Crab?

    Good friend of mine just passed papers on a house at Cape Cod. There should be some good crabbing nearby, I've not done it in over 30 years but I'm sure it's like riding a bike. Best way to cook Atlantic Blue Crabs over a grill? I've tried searching the forums, not too much out there. Seems to...
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    Cooking for 80 this weekend...

    Every year I get roped into cooking for a good friend's party. This year should be a little easier, he's settled in on pulled pork, chicken thighs, chicken legs. A little over 100 invited, 80 are sure to show up. Anyone want to guesstimate how many butts I should smoke, each weighing 8-9 lbs...
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    Sears Smoker?

    Has anyone seen one of these in the flesh? Specs say it's 17" high, I imagine that's a mistake. Interesting.... or