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  1. Joe T Gomez

    Took a day off from Webering’

    That looks really good Mark I have tried to bake and I just can’t do it 🤣
  2. Joe T Gomez


    No leftovers just some apple pie 🥧 made sure kids took it all 😎
  3. Joe T Gomez

    Homecoming Ribeyes

    Wow love them grilled marks 😎looks awesome
  4. Joe T Gomez

    Our Second T/Giving Dinner No Buzzard

    Looks tasty 😋 we did some pork loin 😎
  5. Joe T Gomez

    Deboned Stuffed Turkey Plan

    Wow that looks awesome 👏
  6. Joe T Gomez

    New Member

    Hello Shelly send pics
  7. Joe T Gomez

    Forum Members Only: Win $50 Amazon E-Gift Card!

    Chris thanks 😎
  8. Joe T Gomez

    Newbie from Alabama

    Welcome on site happy smoking 😎
  9. Joe T Gomez


    Carolyn welcome to the site lots of good people here just ask we love to see bbq pics 😎
  10. Joe T Gomez

    Turkey day

    It was all about family
  11. Joe T Gomez

    This year's turkey

    That looks awesome 😎
  12. Joe T Gomez

    Thanksgiving 2021

    Wow that looks awesome 👏
  13. Joe T Gomez

    Happy Thanksgiving 2021

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there and your family have an awesome day😎
  14. Joe T Gomez

    Sardines like 'em or hate 'em?

    No 🤮🤢
  15. Joe T Gomez

    Smoky tri-tip... maybe a tad too smoky

    Wow those TT pics look look good Ismoke it for 2hrs at 250 with cherry & pecan wood after 2hrs I put in my drip pan made with beef broth onions garlic salt and pepper butter cover it for 1hr pull off let it sit for 30 minutes then slice 😎
  16. Joe T Gomez

    Funny/Tragic Story

    Happy wife happy life 🤣
  17. Joe T Gomez

    Flank steak

    Grilled flank steak in a cast iron skillet with onions squash salt and pepper butter olive oil
  18. Joe T Gomez

    Converting Weber Q to charcoal

    Nick Do it I made one out of an old old Kenmore I found at the dump I couldn’t find a weber so I just made this one my kids call It grandpa’s ghetto grill works great just for grilling put mine on a seat so I can sit down and grill
  19. Joe T Gomez

    Another WSM wheel question

    CWilson get the 3” they work great you’re wsm will not tip over I put mine on 2yrs ago 😎