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  1. JimK

    Blue screens on my lap top, Windows 10 ?

    Another Synolgy user here. Only drawback is in the event of a fire or flood, your data could be lost. I keep telling myself I'm going to do an annual backup to a portable drive and store that in another location, but have never actually followed through. I use them for file storage, and the...
  2. JimK

    For Turkey or Other Long Smokes: Drink of Choice?

    Love that Yeti! It's on my Christmas list this year, and I've been pretty good. Fingers crossed...
  3. JimK

    Happy Thanksgiving 2021

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! No turkey cooking here this year, but am working on some appetizer wings this morning.
  4. JimK

    Deboned Stuffed Turkey Plan

    That looks amazing, Jon. Can't wait to see the finished product. What are you expecting for cook time and temp?
  5. JimK

    Spatchcock Chicken

    Well, that certainly has me in the mood for some roasted poultry. Hmm, what to eat today...
  6. JimK

    First cook in 3+ weeks. Pollo Asado tacos

    Worth the wait!
  7. JimK

    Always wanted a cheap redhead!

    Looks great. Nice score. Did you paint the knobs or dye them?
  8. JimK

    Oops. Picked up fresh Turkey. Now I have to cook it

    Hard to say - it's ready when it's ready. But here's a guide (granted, they are very wide ranges, so start checking temps at the early end of the range and pull when ready). Were it my 12lb turkey, I'd start checking at 2:30.
  9. JimK

    Just about ready to go

    May want to start at 11:38 - it would be a tragedy if the turkey weren't ready on time. ;)
  10. JimK

    Oops. Picked up fresh Turkey. Now I have to cook it

    Welp, it's Wednesday evening, so not enough time for a traditional brine that would take 18-24 hours, plus another 12 or so to dry the skin back out. I like the idea of dry brining. Yes, spatchcock will go faster, but an un-stuffed bird doesn't really take all that long, and I do like a slow...
  11. JimK

    The Humor Thread

    Wasn't sure if I should put this here, or in the Turkey Talk forum:
  12. JimK

    Blue screens on my lap top, Windows 10 ?

    Macs are a different category entirely. ;)
  13. JimK

    My turkey wasn't thawing out.

    I'm not Mrs Dollar, but I have two Anova units and love them.
  14. JimK

    Blue screens on my lap top, Windows 10 ?

    I'd back everything up as quickly as possible.
  15. JimK

    Would you

    Is it sterling silver? For that price, it better be. Honestly, I don't think I'd enjoy using those rounded handles.
  16. JimK

    Who’s NOT doing a turkey for Thanksgiving?

    I'm not. But my sister is, and I'm going to her house! ;) under edit: @DanHoo I just saw you posted almost the exact same thing. Great minds... My mother-in-law has been visiting my sister-in-law and her family in Austria for the last 12 days. She's getting back tomorrow and is going to...
  17. JimK

    Pork Roast

    Oh, my! I can taste it now. What liquid did you use for braising?
  18. JimK

    Homecoming Ribeyes

    I'll say! Nice work there!
  19. JimK

    time to thaw the bird

    It helps with getting crispy skin. If you don't care about the skin, it isn't necessary.
  20. JimK

    Armadillo Eggs

    So I've got this straight: a jalapeño, stuffed with cream cheese, coated in sausage, wrapped in bacon and basted in BBQ sauce?