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    Netflix Series

    I agree to a point JayHely. I too do not watch most programmes apart from sport 'live'. Our national broadcaster, the BBC, transmits without commercials so that maybe the only exception. Out satellite service Sky has the record feature so at least we can whizz through those pesky ads. I have...
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    If You Could Have A Home And A Grill In Any Two Places ...............???

    For me home #1 would be somewhere here in southern England near the family on both sides. Home #2 would be a villa anywhere in Greece with on a hill side with a view of the land all around with a sea view in the near distance Cicadas abounding. Grill, 22" fully loaded with accessories.
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    Netflix Series

    I haveb't seen any of them but I'm always reluctant to start watching a show that has already ended, kind of wonder what's the point. What's more infuriating though is when then cancel a show or rush the ending to finish it. Shows like GoT, Person of Interest, Flash Forward to name a few.
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    Netflix Series

    Big lover of Ozark
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    Opinion?? Dry rub or marinated flank steak?

    There was an interesting item on a food programme here in the UK a couple of months ago that compared the effects on flavour of dry rubs and wet marinades. It found that the wet marinades only permeated flavour marginally more than a dry rub. Of course the real advice was to brine to ensure...
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    Roadside rotisserie chicken

    Amen to that set up. I too have made a similar mistake when grilling with mixed coals getting hotter and cooler spots. Now I just keep my used stuff separate and use for quick cooks only.
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    Show us your charcoal inventory/stash

    Carpet as a fire starter? That's a new one on me.
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    Two day brisket, from Steven Raichlen's site

    I would have though that with the popularity of BBQ now that it would be nigh on impossible for the larger places to [prepare it and serve straight away. Some element of pre preparation must surely be required.
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    Loving the Rotisserie

    Beef gets my vote, nothing better than some crispy fat on a nice joint.
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    Weber GA kabob attachment

    I mainly use my GA for kebabs and I don't use any third party equipment. I just use my regular weber skewers that came with the attachment for the rotisserie. I find that the longer ones lay perfectly across the surface (without the grill grate) and this still affords me enough space to place...
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    Short ribs for my bro

    In the end I would have to give myself 8 out of 10 for my first attempt. Smoke ring much more pronounced on the thicker end. All in all about 9 hours.
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    Short ribs for my bro

    Well, 7 hours in now and the WSM is running at 269F after having a few difficulties with temp at the start which I have never had. I haven't wrapped the short ribs but I have spritzed every now and again but I did go out for a couple of hours. Colour looks great and nearly there...
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    Short ribs for my bro

    I'm doing these for the first time tomorrow. Do you just add wood at the start of the cook and no more later on? Also, what wood did you use? I'm thinking oak and cherry.
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    CGA initial burn-in

    They're great bits of kit. I particularly like using my for kebabs and usually remove the grate and lay the skewers on the edges.
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    Pork tenderloin

    I'm always a little bit suspicious when I see statements like 'minimally processed' on a natural product.
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    Slate Performer

    Thanks for that. Design concept or cynical manufacturing cost saving?
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    Which Probe Port?

    Hi Tim, what hinge is that please?
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    Slate Performer

    Ignorant Limey here - what are p vents?
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    Go-Anywhere Charcoal - Carry Case

    Hi Joe. They are cast iron grates from Smokerig. They're surprisingly light and great to use.
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    Performer v. Performer deluxe review

    I have a Deluxe and while the gas assist is useful I don't think that I will buy more bottles when my current batch run out. I've had experiences with the flame blowing out on windy days leading to wasted gas. On other days I have forgot about it and wasted more gas that way. At least with a...