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    Wtb grates for wsm 22

    Standard 22 kettle and top WSM grate are basically the same, but the lower grate is slightly smaller in diameter.
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    Wood selection for brisket...any ideas?

    Hickory for me 100% of the time. Apple is too weak, and mesquite is waaaaay too strong.
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    Which WSMs fit a half pan?

    How about a compromise............ Add another entire grate level to your 22 for about half the price of a new 18" WSM. Plus you're only working with one cooker, and the stacker option let's you hang 15+ full racks of...
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    Sequoia in Orchard Park NY

    Definitely not the original lid, but still may be worth a buck fifty if the rest checks out OK.
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    Best method to season a 18.5” WSM?

    Follow Chris' advice. No need to season a porcelain coated smoker that will never rust, if it's never dropped and the surface is never scratched. :)
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    Any Labor Day Charcoal Deals?

    My grilling story is very similar Rich, except I’ve kept the same # of grills, if not increased by a few. I’ve also dumped KBB in favor of B&B Oak Briquettes and not only is it cleaner and hotter burning than KBB, at $8.99 for a 17.6lb bag it’s a little cheaper too.
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    Would this accomplish anything as a diffuser, sitting directly on the factory charcoal ring?

    The stacker gives enough height to put the fire dial on the lower rack position and still have PLENTY of room. Even heat, and no trimming needed. The stacker SO pays for itself in this manner (15 racks hung, no problem; can also do 3 full packers on the WSM).
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    Would this accomplish anything as a diffuser, sitting directly on the factory charcoal ring?

    I have a setup similar to John K’s, except I also have a 22.5 inch Cajun Bandit stacker. Perfect setup for ribs, as ribs will hang very high above the fire. And with the Firedial, there’s zero chance for burning. Or they can be hung without the FD. I got a deal on my setup, but brand new the...
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    Restoring Kettles

    Real fade is non-restorable. It can be caused by excessive direct exposure to sunlight or excessive exposure to elements under a cover (which traps both heat and moisture). Over the years I've had a dozen or more kettles and WSMs with lid fade. There's no restoring the original deep color...
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    Getting close to Kingsford charcoal deals?

    I've been a loyal KBB person for yrs, but ever since I tried B&B Oak I haven't looked back. This stuff is probably even better and I plan on grabbing a couple of bags while it's on sale.
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    Red Weber Performer

    You have a very nice grill............but $250 may be stretching it, given the issues with the lid and no gas tank. You can always start there and go down, as it's almost impossible (once you list) to go up.
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    50 pack of masks for $10.49 - Keep your nose (and mouth) clean!

    Kyle, Masks arrived yesterday and I'm amazed by the quality, especially for the price. I give these two thumbs up. Thanks again!
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    50 pack of masks for $10.49 - Keep your nose (and mouth) clean!

    Wow...............thanks for this, Kyle. Just placed an order myself............for the same price OTD ($11.12 after taxes, free shipping). We'll test drive these together.
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    heat shield

    Haven't used the heat shield but have used this (with outstanding results).
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    Green Performer (?) in Ormond Beach, FL

    Correct-o. I'll blame it on aging............. :o
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    Green Performer (?) in Ormond Beach, FL

    Could be because he's not sure it's a Perfomer (it's actually an OTP - One Touch Platinum).
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    Lowering the charcoal grate for smoking in a 26er

    That's great engineering, but you might find yourself manually cleaning out the ashes more for long smokes (as there's less space for accumulation and airflow will be more restricted).
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    WSM 18.5 w/ extra bottom and center section-NJ-SOLD

    If you were anywhere NEAR the deep south (Georgia specifically) I'd already have it. Let me know if you'd consider selling and shipping just the lower base (I could use a replacement).
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    First Grill?

    Add the following: 1. Chimney starter 2. Set of lighting cubes (or tumbleweed starters or similar) 3. Small propane lighter
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    Red limited edition kettles

    I wonder if they really have any in stock, or just haven't updated their website. Of their 270 reviews only one is a year old; the rest are 2 years or more, which is when they were being closed out.