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  1. J

    I will just leave this here

    Ships for $16.20. Heh. Anybody want to have some fun with me?
  2. J

    I will just leave this here

    Are you saying we should oil the grillgrates before using? Or is a 12 step seasoning method needed?
  3. J

    Tonight, Halloween.

    OK. I'm old. Been around awhile. When I was a kid we'd rake the leaves into the street, then light them up. Standard practice, and that in a primary city in New England. So, it's Halloween. It's fall. Tonight was a warm, but crisp night. Nice night to be outside with a jacket on. I fired up...
  4. J

    A "dumpster" Q1200

    Looks like it was used once. Leave it the original color, as a talking point. Wicked nice find.
  5. J

    New Q2200 owner with Griddle question

    Well, you know, it depends on the egg.
  6. J

    Deleted thread

    And I'm only going to hope that this was a sarcastic post meant to humor the situation, and I hope all of you will do the same. But, just in case, is there a way to ignore this guys posts if he was serious? Asking for all of my TVWBB friends.
  7. J

    Q1200 Fall or Winter Sales?

    I recently picked up a free Q200 through Craigslist. I've just started grilling on it (I know, must post results and pics, soon, I promise). I'm impressed with this grill. I was a 30 year charcoal purist, past year or two going over to gas for various reasons. So yeah, what Bruce said. Find a...
  8. J

    Diameter and length of the lid clevis pin on a weber q1200

    The adjustable pins shown above can most likely be cut down to the size you need for the aesthetics. And even cheaper....
  9. J

    Diameter and length of the lid clevis pin on a weber q1200

    Tractor Supply has 1/4" x 2" clevis pins, adjustable. About $2.50 for a pair. Home Depot has the same, for about $2.25 each. Amazon has 1/4" x 1 1/2", $11.00 for a pack of eight. They're...
  10. J

    HOW TO: Weber Q1xx and Q2xx Regulator Delete

    Pieces and parts are in. Maybe tomorrow for the install.
  11. J

    Lodge Frying Pan

    Rather than a Lodge you could think about a Darto? Lots of carbon steel skillets, paella pans (skillets sans handles). They ship from Argentina, and just started shipping for $15 per order, no matter what the weight or amount. And to any country. Good pans, I've got 3. Bigger ones are a bit...
  12. J

    New to me Q200

    Just took another look at the drip pan. It is indeed the correct one, and slips in and out as your video shows. Thanks again.
  13. J

    New to me Q200

    Just my poor grade school humor surfacing when I read your "Here is a video of me pulling mine in and putting it back in."
  14. J

    New to me Q200

    And just saying, my wife was a little disappointed with the video.
  15. J

    New to me Q200

    Not sure if you did that for me, but if you did I really appreciate it. Next week I'll get back to the thread. Many, many thanks.
  16. J

    Almost have a mind to grab this

    Maybe we'll just give you a few shots of tequila and a peanut butter sandwich and wake you up when we get there.....
  17. J

    How'd I do?

    Nice find.
  18. J

    New to me Q200

    I'll try that. I'll post pics of the underside also, to see if I'm missing parts (judging from the schematic I don't think so). Might be next week though, off to the Cape tomorrow, not back 'til Monday/Tuesday.
  19. J

    New to me Q200

    I just looked up the manual for this grill, I think. Still can't figure out how to get the grease pan installed in a reliable way. My wife tells me I'm not too bright. Often.
  20. J

    Almost have a mind to grab this

    Geez guys, remember when you were kids and somebody said "there's a great band playing in the next state over 4 hours from now" and how you would all rally and pull the cushions to look for loose change and hit the kitchen and make peanut butter sandwiches and grab the gallon of milk? What...