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  1. Chris Allingham

    I saw something today that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

  2. Chris Allingham

    Amount of brisket for 20 lbs. of cooked product?
  3. Chris Allingham

    any blackstone griddle fans out there?

    Can you effectively have a hot side and less hot side on a two-burner Blackstone?
  4. Chris Allingham

    Lou Malnati's Pizza on the Smokefire

    Cooking frozen pizzas or fresh ones like Papa Murphy's seems to be a thing now.
  5. Chris Allingham

    WSM dome thermometer accuracy

    Good on you for checking yours for accuracy. I think it's accurate until it's not...they're not very expensive and I suspect they can fail for any number of reasons. One day it may register much lower or much higher than expected, that's when you should do the boiling water test again to see...
  6. Chris Allingham

    Thermapen one on sale, $20% offf.
  7. Chris Allingham

    Deleted thread

    Thank you. No hard feelings. :) OK, now that we've put this whole thing to bed, let's close this thread and move on. Bruce, you can start a new thread about your ignitor thingie.
  8. Chris Allingham

    Deleted thread

    1st amendment prohibits the government from infringing on your freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, right to petition the government, or restricting the press. It says nothing about barbecue forums. The rules that you say should be hung from a sign on this forum are listed in the...
  9. Chris Allingham

    any blackstone griddle fans out there?

    I watched an RVing video the other day in which a couple swapped their Weber Q for a Blackstone 22" two burner griddle with hood. If you were RVing, which would you choose between these two?
  10. Chris Allingham

    Deleted thread

    I’m heading out of town now, I’ll post a reply tonight.
  11. Chris Allingham

    Deleted thread

    I tried to prune the thread about spray paint shortages and got so frustrated with it that I deleted the whole thing. You guys know the drill. Let's not talk about crime and government regulation and inflation and how bad things are today and so on. This is a forum where we can put all that...
  12. Chris Allingham

    Texas Monthly Top 50 is out.

    Anyone been to the new #1, Goldee's Barbecue in Ft. Worth?
  13. Chris Allingham

    Foolproof No-Nut Fudge

    Not sure what possessed me to try this, I'm not a big fudge fan. But it's pretty much foolproof as far as fudge recipes go. From Cook's Country magazine, Dec/Jan 2019. You'll need a Thermapen or better yet a ChefAlarm that you can clip onto the side of the sauce pan to measure temperature while...
  14. Chris Allingham

    Can I Paint Green Kettle to Black?

    Spray paint is not going to give you the smooth shiny finish of original porcelain enamel. Unless you really don't care about how it looks other than it being black and peeling and flaking over time, I would agree that you should sell your green and buy a black. Sending it off to Independence...
  15. Chris Allingham

    Infrared Sale! Save up to 40% on IR Thermometers!

    Infrared Sale! Save up to 40% on IR Thermometers!
  16. Chris Allingham

    HOW TO: Restore The Weber Emblem

    Related post with additional info:
  17. Chris Allingham

    If you need fiber washers for your wsm

    Thanks for sharing my own photo with me! I forgot that there were fewer fiber washers prior to the 2014 revisions. I'm not persuaded about the fasteners, but I'm glad you're happy with the change on your cooker.
  18. Chris Allingham

    If you need fiber washers for your wsm

    Weber does include fiber washers that go on the outside of the charcoal bowl where the legs attach. Maybe someone forgot to install them on your WSM when it was new? Why better? My WSM is 24 years old and I've never felt the need to remove the screws and replace them. I mean, more power to...
  19. Chris Allingham

    Another WSM wheel question

    I've never tried that myself. My concern is simply that the legs are not designed for sideways support. They're designed to support weight from above. Guys have been known to bend legs beyond repair just sliding the WSM across the bed of a pickup truck. I've seen guys install wheels at the end...
  20. Chris Allingham

    Harry Soo looking for old Weber kettle to cook old Weber recipes on

    I think that's the timeframe he's looking for.