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  1. JeffG

    The Humor Thread

    Same thing, except we could never see if the golf ball left the cannon or not ..scary... but you could hear it hit a shake roof when it re entered the atmosphere ....;)
  2. JeffG

    The Humor Thread

    We made an oxy-acetylene golf ball cannon in High School. We retired it after a few shots as we could of killed someone a few blocks away. Kids I tell ya.
  3. JeffG

    Cuban pork sandwich

    Great looking Cuban Sammie. One of my favorites.
  4. JeffG

    The Humor Thread

  5. JeffG

    Weekends are for Performer!

    Wow, thats some great eats and pictures. First time seeing a Weber fire pit in action.(y)(y)
  6. JeffG

    Can you bbq scallops?

    You have to precook the bacon 1/2 way first and then wrap the scallops. I marinated the scallops in a tequila lime sauce. Cooked on charcoal 2 zone fire or gasser on the top rack, just don't walk away or their toast...:D In the picture above the scallops are uncooked.
  7. JeffG

    First charcoal smoke in a whike

    You haven't lost your charcoal touch Case.
  8. JeffG

    Some weekly cooks and tonight’s mildly more special meal

    Getting after it Darryl, nicely done.
  9. JeffG

    Can you bbq scallops?

    Brett great looking cook and I love bbq'd scallops. Here is another example.
  10. JeffG

    The Humor Thread

    “Amos Ames the amiable astronaut aided in an aerial enterprise at the age of eighty-eight" easy peezy....
  11. JeffG

    Vortex in the 26 Kettle ?

    As Pat G said before the 26R likes to eat charcoal. Lynn I usually use my SS performer with the medium Vortex and it pegs the lid thermometer and then some. When I’m cooking on the 26R I use a full chimney but add one layer of unlit coals to the bottom of the vortex before I pour them in. I let...
  12. JeffG

    No charcoal at Costco

    Same thing today at the Costco in Fountain Valley ....NO Kingsford charcoal.... just pellets for a Traeger :(
  13. JeffG

    Winner: Custom 40th Anniversary Glen Blue WSM

    Jason for the win....
  14. JeffG

    Got My Work Cut Out For Me!!

    You got this Kemper, we have seen with our own eyes what you have been able to accomplish.
  15. JeffG

    Gatling Gun Kabobs

    Eric Now thats a different spin on things, I like it.
  16. JeffG

    Tacos Al Pastor

    Darn straight. that looks delicious Chuck.
  17. JeffG

    I’m on YouTube !!

    Celebrity in our midst.....(y)(y)
  18. JeffG

    Wild Fork Online Meats

    Just noticed a new Wild Fork going in next to my favorite steakhouse in Newport Beach CA. I’ll check it out and report back when they open.
  19. JeffG

    The Humor Thread

  20. JeffG

    The Humor Thread