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    Wife made me buy a camper...

    ...again. Of course that resulted in the need for a camping grill, the old Olympian 4100 gasser I had way back when was in awful shape, and it was really never that good of a grill anyway. After a lot of looking I ended up right where I should've started. A Jumbo Joe is perfect for us. It came...
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    Food Saver Quick Marinade

    Found a couple of old threads about this device, not much since then. I suppose that it likely to mean people don't use them, but figured I'd give it a shot. Does anyone have any experience with these? Not one-and-done, but tried it until they gave it a fair shake? I am thinking along the...
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    Finally wrapped up the G1K refurb

    Took a while to get 'round to it, but got the original wood table slats refinished. I like them much better than the grey durawood I was using temporarily.
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    You're filling your propane tanks right, not exchanging?

    $8.96 today to fill a completely empty 20 pound tank, way less than exchanging. I've filled three this season for less than $30. I usually use Tractor Supply, it seems most of the them refill propane but not all. My local Hdwe is putting in a fill station now, waiting for their certification.
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    Found my new grill!

    Went to the air show today, and there it was!
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    Starting the weekend with Gourmet Burgers

    Not a lot of time to cook this weekend, lots of chores tomorrow and an air show on Sunday. I just picked up Weber's Big Book of Burgers and was chomping at the bit to try one. This is their Bourbon Burger with caramelized onions. Four medium yellow onions, olive oil, salt, pepper. Once the...
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    So, having done a bunch of cooks on my 'new' G1k....

    My restoration project has been in service now for a couple of week and has done a lot of cooking for me. Some have been posted, not all. It does a great job on just about everything I ask. It is really well-suited to indirect cooking but does HH on request. There is one thing though than I am...
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    Ollie's Bargain Outlet Weber Recipe Book Score

    If you have an Ollie's in your area, check it out. I picked up three Weber's recipe books today for $3 each, regular price was $15. Weber's On the Grill Steak and Sides, On the Grill Chicken and Sides, and The Big Book of Burgers. Flipped through the burger book real quick, looks like it has...
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    Kielbasa and Pierogi

    What could be better than summer on the grill? Kielbasa grilled until the skin splits, pierogi, peppers leftover from pizza night and some nice yellow squash. Wine with your dinner, sir? No, I think a Samuel Adams Summer Ale!
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    Pizza Night!

    Last minute decision and not a lot of time, grandkids coming over for a sleepover, bonfire...too much to do! Decided Pizza would be fast and easy. It was neither. Being short on time I decided to try some boxed pizza dough. Jiffy Mix, made right here in MI about 20 miles from me is a go to, I...
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    Forgot about this nifty control cover

    I was cleaning up my workbench from the G1K restore and found this at the bottom of the pile. I had forgotten it was there. It came with the first grill, the guy fabricated it out of SS. Pretty obvious he didn't use a grill cover, I guess he thought protecting the controls only was just as good...
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    Inaugural cook on G1K Restore, Never did them like this before.

    This goes against everything I know about tender ribs. Saw this recipe on McCormick's website of all places. Their version starts in the oven and ends up on the grill. Nah..... Started this morning by prepping two racks of baby backs. Went for the smallish ones at about 2.5lbs each. Dry brined...
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    Expensive grills, good grills, cheap grills, bad grills. Theories on why to buy what.

    I'm old. About half of you would describe me as such. More of you would think me a contemporary, and still others would think I'm young. Nonetheless, I'm old enough to have been grilling for a good many years. Old enough to form an opinion about stuff. Old enough to have had it with crap...
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    What am I grilling Sunday?

    Now that the redhead is up and ready to rumble, (!-No-more-filthy-dirty-G1K ), I need suggestions for an inaugural cook. So far this year I've done burgers, dogs, bratwurst both cased and bulk, Italian sausage both cased and bulk, steaks, chicken...
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    Rotisserie anyone?

    Who's using them, and what would be a good unit for my G1k? It looks like the original is no longer made. Would like to be able to do a couple chickens, more if they'll fit. Maybe a turkey.
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    Beef kabobs

    Someone posted about McCormick's marinade in a different thread and inspired me. Picked up 5lbs. of bottom roast and cut in to large irregular chunks. Couldn't find the McCormick's regular flavor so I settled on their Grill Mates Zesty. I figured it looked like Italian is. Pounded...
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    Any idea what year this kettle is?

    Maybe a Patent pending? Metal handles on the sides, looks like wood on the lid. Bottom vents. Also looks like the older ash pan without a lip or ring. Guy is asking $10 and he's close to home. I sent an email and asked if he still has it.
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    Wally World Spares-n-brisket

    Ran across some ribs last night for $1.97 lb. Cryo packed. Not a screamin' deal but good enough to warrant two 5 lbers for future use. They also had a couple of full packers there, never saw that before out in their meat cooler. $2.96/lb. Not too bad, I shoulda' grabbed one of those too.
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    Simpson's Smokey Joe, CL

    Don't know if this is a good price or not, figured I'd post in case someone wants it.
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    Dating a Weber Genesis

    And please don't say "Dinner and a Movie"! A few days ago I stumbled across a narrative on the interweb that described the various versions of the early Genesis models. It gave a timeline of the changes, when new ideas were introduced, etc. I have searched high and low, but cannot locate it...