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    Flat Damper 2.0

    Hi Guys, It's been quite some time since I made my original Flat Damper. I've been running it for a few years now on my PBC with no fan. Works like a champ. The Shapeways 3D laser sintered Alumide has held up very well. About a year ago, I changed jobs. At my new job I have access to a...
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    Wet HeaterMeter :(

    Hey guys. It's been a very long time since I've visited the forums, but I'm glad to see you're all still kicking it :) I built a HeaterMeter 4.2.4 some time ago, and have been using it to make delicious BBQ with no issues. A few weeks ago I smoked a brisket overnight to bring in to work. All...
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    Alarms functionality

    So maybe this is already possible and I just don't know. Would it be possible to have the pit alarm be set as a deviation from the current set temp? So if say I have it set at 225 for most of the cook and then ramp it up because it's getting late, or I've wrapped after the stall, or whatever...
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    SmartFire controller I'm not interested in it since I have a Heatermeter, but figured I would share. Maybe some one wants to make the same idea from a Heatermeter?
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    Flat Damper

    I designed this damper some months back, with a little input from SteveCK. My intention for it was to be small, and most importantly not stick out very far. I wanted to be able to drill a hole in the middle of the bottom of an UDS, and have it fit nicely between it and the ground without needing...
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    For hose if you with 3D Printers

    For Those if you with 3D Printers For those with 3D printers: Do you list yourself on one of the 3D printers websites and sell your services? I did some looking around just to see what was offered for services out there, and was intrigued by the idea of buying one and maybe having it print...
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    Fan/servo operation mode

    Hi everyone. I'm super new to the Heatermeter project, but I'm loving it. One issue I have with the operation is the way the fan and the servo interact. Currently, they either have to follow each other, or have the "on at max only/above x%" type operation. This has struck me as odd though. I...