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  1. John F Ford

    My Find & free items

    scored a 22 kettle, with weber cover, weber charcoal starter, and a replacement 22 inch grate that has hinged sides all for 25 bucks. look like it might have been used maybe 12 times. never cooked on a kettle just my old 18 WSM. Now I have for FREE the original 22 grate and the weber charcoal...
  2. John F Ford

    Vacuum sealer recommended

    well my 20 yr old foodsaver finally gave up the ghost. Any recommendations on a mid range replacement . Less than $150.00. Thanks
  3. John F Ford

    First try at Pig Candy

  4. John F Ford

    KCBS Judges Needed Oct 7

    Trish Williams needs several more KCBS certified Judges for Smoke on the Water contest at Guntersville, Al state park on Oct. 7 She can be reached at (256) 538-8998. This is a great contest they have about 70 teams lined up. thank John
  5. John F Ford

    Alabama > Decatur: Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q

    Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q on 6th Ave (hwy 31) in Decatur. John Ford
  6. John F Ford

    Source for WSM

    OK after lurking here and Ray's forum for a long time I tired of stoking up the offset for a small cook and ordered a WSM thru Amazon. However I received a notice today (after a week) that the ship date was now sometime in August and cancelled the order. Wal-mart has a good price but they are...