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    Favorite Jalapeno Poppers Recipe?

    I do the bacon wrapped cream cheese too. A couple of things I change: Substitute Neufchatel for the cream cheese Add a halved smoked cocktail weeny to the top of the cheese before wrapping the bacon.
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    Wife made me buy a camper...

    ...again. Of course that resulted in the need for a camping grill, the old Olympian 4100 gasser I had way back when was in awful shape, and it was really never that good of a grill anyway. After a lot of looking I ended up right where I should've started. A Jumbo Joe is perfect for us. It came...
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    F'in Stall!

    PICNIC Problem In Chair, Not In Cooker.
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    1999 Weber red Genesis

    Like the cutting boards, excellent idea!
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    The CI Broiling/Serving Pans in the Featrued Cooking Topic?

    You can check Cabela's although not sure they're any less expensive. I think a lot of their CI is supplied by Lodge. Walmart sells Lodge as well, so you may be able to find it for less money. Two thoughts when it comes to CI Cookware: 1) It lasts forever, so get something decent. Buy...
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    I would absolutely cook on that, but only if it wasn't used....
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    Recipe Method Poll

    I save the recipes and condense them to a 3 x5 area, print them out, then run them through a laminator. If the recipes are short I print one on each side, if longer I print on both sides. If you leave enough border you can hole punch them and attach to a key ring. I wait until I have enough and...
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    1999 Weber red Genesis

    Stick with Rustoleum. Their Ultra Hi Heat paint will withstand 1200 deg. Most of the others are several hundred degrees lower. Also, Rustoleum has a few color choices, maybe a gloss. Doing the hood ends in high gloss is an interesting choice, just remember that unless your going to completely...
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    Looking for Turkey Fryer, Seafood Boil, Country Ham Cooker, etc. for outside

    Same here. The oil is too much, and regardless of what they say, saving it is almost impossible. I gave mine to my sister, she uses it to boil down maple syrup. Having said that, if you buy look for one with short, widely spaced legs. They're more stable.
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    Food Saver Quick Marinade

    I read one review that said when the vacuum was applied the chicken thighs he had in the canister swelled up. Obviously not swelling but a reaction to the lower air pressure. It seems to me that if that happens the pores in the meat can't help but increase in size, and so logically it follows...
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    Food Saver Quick Marinade

    Thanks for the response. I did see the reviews, and like you don't put much stock in those at the company's website. But I also subscribe to the theory that most people who are satisfied with a product won't take the time to do a review, while many people who are dissatisfied will make their...
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    Food Saver Quick Marinade

    Found a couple of old threads about this device, not much since then. I suppose that it likely to mean people don't use them, but figured I'd give it a shot. Does anyone have any experience with these? Not one-and-done, but tried it until they gave it a fair shake? I am thinking along the...
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    How far in advance do you rub your butts before smoking?

    I rub just before putting them on. I have done it both ways, right before and well in advance, and noticed no appreciable difference. Typically trim and dry brine the night before, rub just ahead of putting them in.
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    Upper level on gas grill - what for?

    'Taters are good choice. I use the back grate as well as the basket on my Genesis to direct cook 'taters and squash while cooking something else indirect. Works out really well with the front and back burners on, the middle off, and the basket in the front position. Also use them to keep chicken...
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    Weber's Kickin Chicken

    Birds look great. Agree on the KC, did a bird yesterday with it on the kettle. Mixed WKC with some unsalted butter and slathered it under the skin, then a sprinkle more on top. Delicious.
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    The devil made me do it!

    Those are fun to cook on. They need a little more attention, but if you're sittin' on the deck drinkin' a beer, no big deal. I had the charbroil and made the reflectors for it out of some SS sheet. Definitely worth the effort.
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    Slow and Sear accessory for Weber kettle

    I don't know that the OP is either of those. The guys who invented and market the Slow-N-Sear are who I am referring to.
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    Slow and Sear accessory for Weber kettle

    The 'some guy' is actually the forum administrator and one of the moderators. On the front page of Amazing Ribs it tells you that since they don't sell anything, their reviews are non-biased. Although there's a grey area there, add to it that some of the people there are paid employees and I...
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    You're filling your propane tanks right, not exchanging?

    Well, if it ain't blowed up yet... They won't refill it until it's been recertified. Look for a date stamped on the handle. If there's more than one, use the more recent. If it's more than 12 years ago, best bet is to trade it in on an exchange.
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    Finally wrapped up the G1K refurb

    Thanks. The serial number on the side comes back as a '98.