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  1. John F Ford

    National Cheese Burger Day (aka Go Giants Burgers)

    Whats the bun, looks like pita maybe. gotta try that
  2. John F Ford

    Canadian Bacon

    Thanks for the details I really appreciate this, thank you so much. I will book this post for reference.
  3. John F Ford

    Canadian Bacon

    always wanted to try that. What cure did you use? covered or uncovered in the fridge?
  4. John F Ford

    Genesis SS, spark, but no light

    I am assuming it lights and burns properly when lit with a stick lighter. If so I am going to follow this thread because thats puzzling and i would like to know what the problem is.
  5. John F Ford

    The Humor Thread

    me too
  6. John F Ford

    When you started grilling….

    OK fess up, did you ever use gasoline as lighter fuel when you first started?
  7. John F Ford

    The Virtual Weber Bullet 23rd Anniversary

    Great I have learned a lot from this web site since I found it 19 years ago.
  8. John F Ford

    My Find & free items

    scored a 22 kettle, with weber cover, weber charcoal starter, and a replacement 22 inch grate that has hinged sides all for 25 bucks. look like it might have been used maybe 12 times. never cooked on a kettle just my old 18 WSM. Now I have for FREE the original 22 grate and the weber charcoal...
  9. John F Ford

    E-620 NG to LP conversion

    Have to agree. Being older I covered the hole and just set the tank on the plywood cover.
  10. John F Ford

    Short Ribs and Burnt Ends

    Thanks Dan. I'll crank heat up next time.
  11. John F Ford

    Short Ribs and Burnt Ends

    those ribs look great. How long and what temp. did you cook? Mine never look like that.
  12. John F Ford


    i agree with you. I really like the flats.
  13. John F Ford

    Just got my CBJ

    Enjoy. i met some great people while judging, finally hung it up a couple yrs ago, after judging 21 or so years.
  14. John F Ford

    Poor Man’s Tenderloins

    That really looks great. I wish the usda still required grade in the package. some are labeled but the majority are not marked.
  15. John F Ford

    Have you got your covid vaccine yet?

    Wife and I got 2nd Moderna shot Feb 12. she ran fever for 2 days complained of achy arm for 3 days. Me just sore arm for 2 days.
  16. John F Ford


    Mark, thats too nice to even think about cooking on..
  17. John F Ford

    What a scam!!!!

    Brother Issac prayed every night God that he really needed to win the lottery so that he could help so many people in need. After passing on he met saint Peter at the gate and asked why God never answered his prayers, so he could help people in need. St. Peter said "You know God and i were...
  18. John F Ford

    Looks like Weber is bringing the Pulse 2000 to the US, but...

    I have a friend that uses a masterbuilt electric smoker. He loves it, i admit the ribs i had off it were pretty darn good. I would consider it if i lived where i was not allowed to use my WSM.
  19. John F Ford

    Vacuum sealer recommended

    well my 20 yr old foodsaver finally gave up the ghost. Any recommendations on a mid range replacement . Less than $150.00. Thanks
  20. John F Ford

    First try at Pig Candy

    Turned out ok could have used more red pepper.