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  1. Pat G

    Why is it?

    I was a high volume bartneder many years ago so this is what I always use. Sometimes we get fancy and use a long string to tie it to the cooler handle.
  2. Pat G

    Play. Ball.

  3. Pat G

    Play. Ball.

    Yes Timothy, I believe the Astros "owned" the White Sox in that series. Anyway, we are off to the ALCS...........once again. Good times! Go Stros!
  4. Pat G

    It’s not BBQ, but it sure is good

    That's great to hear!
  5. Pat G

    It’s not BBQ, but it sure is good

    That looks really good Brett, boiled shrimp is my favorite type of shrimp. Here is my recipe for cocktail sauce, been making it this way for 30 years:
  6. Pat G

    Play. Ball.

  7. Pat G

    Couldn't pass up this charcoal deal at Costco today (Hanover, MD)

    Yeah, you wouldn't be the first person I heard this from. I definitely like the briquettes though.
  8. Pat G

    Couldn't pass up this charcoal deal at Costco today (Hanover, MD)

    I bought a 2 pack and tried it out. I ended up getiing a few more my next trip.
  9. Pat G

    Q 2000 Propane Hose Adapter suggestions

    Rick, while I love my Q grill that portable cart is a not a great platform for a grill. It is not sturdy and wobbles when you clean the grates. Here's a thread about the carts:
  10. Pat G

    wanted meatball grill basket

    Only $55 plus shipping.:oops:
  11. Pat G

    Wood selection for brisket...any ideas?

    I like post oak for brisket. There is a local craftsman that makes things out of Makers Mark oak casks and he sells the scrap pieces. That has been my go to lately for PP and meatloaf. I haven't tried it on a brisket yet.
  12. Pat G

    Franklin PK Grill

    That teal color is nice!
  13. Pat G

    Vortex in the 26 Kettle ?

    I will have to wheel the 26er out of the garage and give it a go.
  14. Pat G

    Different Cole Slaw

    Looks tasty. Let us know what everyone thinks of it.
  15. Pat G

    Ditched the Weber Cart

    You've never seen the Jaqam brand grill? Very similar to Weber's. You usually see them as floor models in big box stores.
  16. Pat G

    Ditched the Weber Cart

    Good to know. I love my Q1200 but the stand is a joke.
  17. Pat G

    Ditched the Weber Cart

    Yep, that cart is a terrible design. I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up with the new Traveler model.
  18. Pat G

    Chicken wings and mini Italian sausages

    Love the SBR Sweet Chili sauce. It's becoming harder to find down here.
  19. Pat G

    Burgers on Greenie

    Nice cook. We like to do the tater tot/fries combo in our house too.
  20. Pat G

    Got a 15 pound brisket for $1.99 lb.

    On sale here, I'll be doing an overnighter next weekend.