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  1. BFletcher

    KCBS Discounts Question

    I hope those of you whom are KCBS members for reasons other than discount codes won't cringe that discounts would be my main interest. I didn't want to hijack @Rich G's short ribs post with this but does KCBS offer a perpetual discount at Creekstone Farms? Does it include a shipping discount...
  2. BFletcher

    Wild Fork Online Meats

    Do any of you have personal experience with this online meat seller? I read their Our Story page but I'm curious about your experiences. Edit: I saw a recent post from Michael in the Photo Gallery but thought I'd ask here to see if others have experience.
  3. BFletcher

    Wearing out My Welcome Here: Brisket

    If I don't slow down I'll end up with more posts here than in the Humor thread. Honestly, I think I could live life without brisket, though I do love pastrami (and burnt ends but I normally use chuck). But to feed a crowd I thought this one item would fit the bill with simplicity and others...
  4. BFletcher

    Friday night Tri-tip

    To go along with his Saturday Night Fish Fry hit, I wonder if Buddy Guy did a Friday Night Tri-tip blues hit that I haven't heard. Thursday was #15 for Shelley and me; we'll probably go to her favorite restaurant this weekend but while hanging out last night I did a hunk of red meat and added...
  5. BFletcher

    Nearly a Midnight Snack for Dinner

    There's one thing consistent with us; we rarely maintain a planned schedule. And it seems to get worse as we grow older. I worked from home yesterday, so I snuck outside at about 1 PM and prepped to throw these on. Looks like most of the brown sugar was on the parch paper: I will need to buy...
  6. BFletcher

    SmokeFire Take 2: A Happy Camper

    Maybe I should wait until I've used it more before posting this but patience is not always my virtue :p . Earlier this year I purchased and returned a SF because of significant instability. I bit again and got it assembled Friday before our Chucky was released from the animal hospital. He has a...
  7. BFletcher

    Lodge Sportsman

    At least it's available but if memory serves pricing up-to 2020 was ~$89. $150 is not economical enough for me to bite...
  8. BFletcher

    A New [unneeded] Toy and a Creekstone Purchase

    My beef short ribs arrived midweek, and the PK360 the prior week. Yesterday was the day to break them open and I was not disappointed. Minimal trimming, S&P and temps barely breaking 300f during the home stretch delivered an awesome family meal. Several years of weekend wedding shooting has...
  9. BFletcher

    Instant Pot [or similar] Hard Boiled Eggs

    Inspired by this thread by our friend @Robert McGee , let me ask: for the few of you whom offered input on using an IP to produce hard boiled eggs do you have any fresh recommendations?
  10. BFletcher

    Do I want Herbs de Provence?

    Do you love it? Should I try it? Is there a particular offering that's preferred? Thx
  11. BFletcher

    Cloth Bread

    You know I'm a novice at breadmaking. When I do it, I proof in a basket with a cloth liner but the flour picks up the pattern and it looks weird. Can I lay a sheet of parchment paper in the basket, or should I do something else? Thx
  12. BFletcher

    Spinning a Breast with Infrared Power (and a different item to show the burner)

    One of my favorite uses of a rotisserie is on turkey breasts in the Kettle. This time, I was excited to see the results from the Summit by utilizing the infrared burner, which is a new experience to me. I've used it several times over the past month and I feel blessed to have it. Probably my...
  13. BFletcher

    3-D Ribeye, anyone?

    Maybe we will need a 3-D Recipe section :p
  14. BFletcher

    SmokeFire First Uses Questions

    After not intending to get a SF, I did. I received an unusual amount of gift cards for Christmas and with the $200 discount I lost all sense of logic. Over the weekend I used it 3 times including the burn in. It was frustrating and I don't like to complain. Here's what I experienced: During...
  15. BFletcher

    Amazon Order Link

    Hopefully this is appropriate: As I ponder the integrity and friendliness of this site I'm reminded how much I enjoy visiting and reading folks' threads. These benefits could not be possible without much dedication on the part of Chris, including his skill for jumping-in and communicating...
  16. BFletcher

    Paprika App/Software Sale

    I've been using this for approximately 2 years, now, and like it quite well. It's a recipe manager along with a grocery/pantry and meal-planning module. It can also clip recipes from the web and import them into its database. Here's an earlier thread discussion...
  17. BFletcher

    Beginner's bread

    Inspired by several on this forum, I'm interested in developing a routine for some nice pizza. A few tries were scrapped because of my inability to turn-in an edible dough. With one recent attempt I'm certain I could have used it to seal a leaky radiator. So for the immediate I'm simply...
  18. BFletcher

    Remote Temperature Monitoring for Freezer (or otherwise)

    If you have interest in remote temp monitoring you might find this to be a relatively economical approach, assuming the proprietary LoRa technology doesn't go EOL. A few other control devices are also available, including kits, but I have not yet seen a kit that includes only the hub and temp...
  19. BFletcher

    Vortex Wings Never Fail

    I woke up thinking I'd make slow cooker BBQ chicken but discovered we're very low on white meat. Found these vac sealed from July 2018 and gave them a cold water thaw. Dusted with Owens BBQ Buffalo Wing, used the Vortex muscle power, and now they're gone. I haven't used charcoal since September...
  20. BFletcher

    More turkey

    Whenever I'm cooking with the outdoor equipment I use it for relaxation and therapy. Since the turkey smoke on Thanksgiving day was not enjoyable due to the clothes dryer fire, I aimed to make up for it today by spinning this breast. The plan was to freeze this cook and make turkey chili in a...