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  1. JimK

    NY Strip on the Afterburner

    ...Wegmans the actually looked better than the Prime grade Strip it was sitting next to. I rubbed it with a little Dizzy Pig Red Eye Express and put it in the Sous Vide bath for about 3 hours. Seared it on the afterburner and served w/ Caesar salad and a nice Washington State Cabernet. Good...
  2. P

    Afterburner-IR Infrared burners for Genesis Grill?

    Just curious if any has tried the Afterburner-IR drop in infrared burners for searing? I have the Genesis model with the "searing station" but just haven't found that it gets hot enough when compared to a good IR burner. At first I was looking at a stand alone IR searing station but would...
  3. T

    mini-v afterburner vs digi-q for a 22.5 wsm?

    ...setup. I can find lots of experience with stokers, digi-qs etc but I have found very little experience with people using a 'mini-v afterburner' setup with a 22.5 wsm. does anyone have any real-life experience on this question? at this point, the gas conversion seems like an economic and...
  4. J

    Will an Afterburner Mini-V work in a WSM 14.5"?

    ...14.5" on camp trips from time to time. The problem I face is that at certain times of the year, California puts fire restrictions in place in certain areas where you can only use gas cookers. My question is will one of the Afterburner Mini-V propane conversions work in a WSM 14.5"? Thanks...
  5. S

    Minion Method With An Afterburner

    I apologize in advance if this is a repeat situation. Being new to the "low and slow" movement, I could use a little advise. Currently I have a 15 year old Char Broil H2O smoker that my father gave up on a long time ago because he couldn't get it hot enough. I figured that I would give it a...
  6. O

    new member - 18.5 WSM user with an AFTERBURNER mini-v conversion, needs help!!!

    hi this is my new post and i am a proud weber smokey mountain owner. i originally got started smoking meat on my propane grill doing it that way. i have the duo chargriller so i bought the firebox for the charcoal side. i got frustrated how hot one side was than the other so i built a baffle...
  7. D

    Gas Mod (afterburner) to WSM

    I purchase the After Burner from an advertisement on the Smoke Ring web site a few years back and used it on my old Smoker. I recently got the WSM Bullet and love it, but I hate trying to get the fire/smoke right every time. I found for me Gas works best, and I like spending my time getting the...
  8. M

    Afterburner Question (sort of)

    Hey guys...I was reading the posts on the Afterburner from, and have a question. I already have a really nice burner from Eastman Outdoors, and want to use it occasionally in the WSM for an afterburner-type setup. It's been pointed out that the rubber hose won't take the heat, so I...
  9. M

    ECB and Afterburner

    Has anyone purchased an Afterburner an converted an ECB? I have an old Meco unit and was looking around on the 'Net when I discovered that the Afterburner is only about $31. So it got me to thinking that I could get one for my ECB and use it when I'm doing a big cook. I know, I know....I...
  10. G

    Gas/Propane Afterburner

    Hi Has anyone tried this new contraption called an Afterburner? It's a gas/propane attachment that replaces the bottom section of the Weber Bullet (can be found at this website it's supposed to cut cooking time/cost by half the price. Seems interesting and is worth a look...
  11. R

    Afterburner for WSM

    I just came across the "Afterburner" gas conversion, available for the WSM. I know using gas is sacrilege for most of you, but once in awhile I think it would be nice to sleep at night without having the temperature fluctuate. How much taste difference is there, and does anyone have any...
  12. G

    Will the Afterburner fit the WSM?

    Does anyone know if the Afterburner will fit the WSM? It says it will fit up to 18" diameter. Thanks!