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    A friend's first cook

    About 3 weeks ago, a friend that lives across the street and knew I liked to smoke BBQ asked me for my recommendation on what he should buy. I told him about my setup (18" WSM & HM 4.0). I told him if he wanted a WSM that I would build him a HM to go with it. I ordered a couple of HM 4.3.5...
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    WSM 22" seller on Amazon not great reviews

    Hey guys, I am finally ready to upgrade from the 18" to the 22". They are only new from a seller on Amazon called "Aim to Find". Their rating over the past 12 months is 80% with their last 30 day average at 61% positive which is way lower than any other 3rd party I would ever buy from on...
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    Free Heatermeter 4.3 Thermocouple Case available

    I am building a HM for a friend and by mistake printed him a 4.3 Thermocouple case instead of the Thermistor case. I will drop it in a padded envelop and mail it out to anyone who needs a HM 4.3 Thermocouple case in the spirit of contributing what I can for this project. Just post a reply here...
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    Free HM 4.3 Thermocouple Case available

    I moved my post for a free HM 4.3 Thermocouple case over the buy, sell and trade forum. You can find the post here if you are interested: Troy
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    I often get LuCI - Lua Configuration Interface

    I am doing my first cook in well over a year. I have an old HM 4.0 with an adapt-a-damper. I just upgraded to the latest software in prep for this cook. Now I would say 80% of the time when I try to connect through a browser to the HM, it presents a white screen with the text "LuCI - Lua...
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    Issue with old HM 4.0

    I haven't used the HM 4.0 (Raspberry Pi 2B) in over a year since we were traveling in a 5th wheel after we sold our house last year. I plugged it in at our new house and couldn't get it to connect to the wifi. Steps (some mistakes) I took: -Tried a wired connection: Failed -Connected via...
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    Small Brisket time question

    Hey guys, I am getting ready to smoke my first brisket and it is a small one (~2lb flat). Will the cooking time be significantly less? I am just trying to figure out what time to start it to have it for dinner the next day. It is probably ~2 1/4" thick, just a small cut. Thanks
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    HM 4.0 upgraded to use RJ45 & AdaptaDamper - Love it

    I built my HM 4.0 almost 6 years ago and it has worked great but I have always wanted to add one of the damper designs. I finally have my 3D printer tuned up and printed the AdaptaDamper. Since it uses an RJ45 jack, I really wanted to figure out a way to use an RJ45 jack on the HM as well. I...
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    Problem with Heatermeter disconnecting from the network

    Hello all, I have been loving my heater meter for almost 2 years now but the last two cooks, it has stop responding on the network. The heater meter itself still works fine but you just can't see it on the network. Wired or wireless. Here is the message that first comes up after it craps...
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    Amazon selling Brinkman pan with wrong part number

    After reading about the larger Brinkmann charcoal pan used as a water pan in the 18" WSM I decided to order one from Amazon. The part number was the one listed on the Water Pan modifications page of the virtualweberbullet site. On that site, it states that the pan is sometimes sold under the...
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    Anyone used this Hardwood Charcoal before (Nature's Grilling)?

    I am searching for something other than KBB for this weekends cook and noticed bags of this in our Base Exchange here at Luke AFB. It is fairly cheap <$5 for a 9 lb bag. I wanted to see if anyone has used it before and what they thought of it. If people have had good luck with it I will...
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    1st smoke in four years, not a disaster but not great either (used a Heatermeter)

    I pulled my 18" 7 year old WSM out of storage a couple of weeks ago since I want to get back into BBQ. Ended up learning about the HeaterMeter and built one this past week. Wanted to do a Pork Butt and a full rack of Spare Ribs. Fairly disappointed with the result but at least it was edible...
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    Advice for Cooking Pork Butt and a rack of ribs

    It has been quite a while since I have used my WSM 18". I am having some family over this Saturday for some BBQ and a Pork Butt and a rack or two of ribs is on the menu. I am planning on firing the WSM up late friday night and putting in the Pork Butt and setting the Heatermeter at 225 and let...
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    Putting an RCA jack on the blower cable

    I have finished my HM and it looks to be running great with the new V8 flash. Now I just have to solder the RCA jack on my fan and be done with it. Is there a polarity on the blower wiring that I have to worry about. Does the pin on the RCA jack need to be + or - or does it matter. I...
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    Auber or BBQ Guru Blower Fan

    I am making an HM for a gift and I am torn between which of the two blowers to get. The Auber is nice in that it is a little less expensive option and has a built it damper that closes off the air when the fan doesn't run but I like the BBQ Guru's system of mounting the fan to the adapter plate...
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    A tip for those who want to install a Thermister for ambient temps

    I got me HM fully up and running today but couldn't figure out why my ambient temp was almost 30 degrees F high after putting in the correct coefficients. It was baffling me until I realized that my HM had been on for about 25 minutes with me trying to get it connected to my WiFi network. I...
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    Got a problem! Any ideas

    Got a problem! Any ideas (Solved) Ok, got everything done and tried to power it up tonight. Started with the 12V since I didn't read the instructions that stated it is preferred to use the micro USB for first boot. Upon power, the first and third lines on the display are solid rectangles...
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    Are my resistors from Mouser correct?

    Started building mine today and I have a question that I probably should have asked a few hours ago. Here is the issue. I ordered from the Mouser links on the HM Hardware Wiki page. They appear to be correct based on the part number labels on the bags the resistors came in but the resistors...
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    ET-72/73 vs ET-732 Probes

    Still trying to nail down an order from mouser but I have a question about probes. I noticed that the parts list states ET-72 or ET-73. I have looked and can't find any 3' or preferably 6' smoker probes for the ET-72/73. I have found them for the 732 though and would prefer to use longer lead...
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    SS hinged grate

    I finally got a 22 1/2" SS grate as a gift for my performer. The problem is that I suspect that a mistake was made by weber and it is a standard plated grate. Those of you who have the SS grate, does it have that stainless steel look or is it shiny and polished like the regular plated grates...