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    Weber CEP-310 conversion to NG - heats too quickly

    Glad to hear you got the gas pressure issue resolved. You've got a great grill there one of the last few years of sidewinders. Plenty of parts still available for it. It will cook circles around the newer (post 2010) grills.
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    Replacing Burner Tubes in a 2008 Genesis E-310 LP (No Side Burner)

    Dominick: If your planning to keep this grill going as your own, you might want to replace those two manifold screws with machine bolts. My 2007 has machine bolts, lockwashers, and nuts as original equipment. Makes life much easier. Also, see if you can remove the lid pins and at least...
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    Manifold bracket nut and frame through cook box nut and bolt removal tips

    Jim & Larry are on the money. Also, if you can clean around the bolt heads inside the firebox, it also may help.
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    Paint for genesis enamel lid (not endcaps)?

    Steven: Where abouts in RI? I'm a fugitive from Wakefield/Narragansett. I'd go the paint thinner route for the rest of it and then the 000 steel wool and simple green to see what you actually have left.
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    Going Nuts (very short trip) Some Quick Cooks

    Rich isn't alone with the weather. Same here in Las Vegas, but we need the rain. The other afternoon we had a burst of hail (what they call here grapple) that totally covered the back yard and was bouncing off the Genesis. That same morning we had snow mixed in rain while Rhode Island was...
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    Replacing Burner Tubes in a 2008 Genesis E-310 LP (No Side Burner)

    As long as you can keep the rust at bay in the cabinet bottom and caster tubes, you are absolutely correct. Plus this is the last generation of E-W burners (sidewinders) that you can use a rotisserie effectively on. Happy grilling!
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    Texas vrs KC barbecue

    Tough call. I've had fantastic BBQ in both places and some pretty bad stuff too. Brisket definitely Texas. Ribs depends on who is smoking and the rub. Not big on sauces until after.
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    Scored a free '04 Genesis Gold C that could use a little love - not entirely sure what I'm looking at here

    Dave: Those are cast iron grates and while not great are still serviceable even with the rust which except at the left and right side edges where it on the top. Just keep the wire brush on them to keep them clean. Kind of the same thing with the flavor bars unless there are holes in them...
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    Too much griddle coverage?

    I have a Weber cast iron griddle that came with instructions only to replace one grate. It warms about damaging the firebox from too much heat being trapped below the griddle. DrAllan, I would be wary about how much heat you are trapping under the griddle material.
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    Replacing Burner Tubes in a 2008 Genesis E-310 LP (No Side Burner)

    Greg: Leave them be. You don't want to be tasting WD40 in your food! They don't ever need to be removed.
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    Costco FYI

    I don't use charcoal so I don't know if this deal in the Sams Club flyer is good or not. Kingsford Original $16.98 for two 20lb bags or $17.98 for the Kingsford Match Light. 3/3 thru 3/28
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    Summit ignition issue

    Especially the little strips on the outside of the plastic button that make contact with the spring.
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    Replacing Burner Tubes in a 2008 Genesis E-310 LP (No Side Burner)

    Greg: I'm sure others will chime in, but your burner tubes may just need a good cleaning unless you've got burned out areas on your burners. You DO NOT need to mess with the screws on the left side of the firebox. The biggest issue you may or may not face is unbolting the manifold from the...
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    Costco FYI

    Also available in Las Vegas
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    I want to invent a clamping jig this year for burners and bars resto

    The Jawhorse works well for a lot of things. For fine tuned things like burner tubes I use the old trusty B&D Workmate where you can finesse how tight things are held in the V-grooves. That was a great video Bruce did, but it faked me out a bit to see green grass before I realized that it...
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    Knives recommendations

    We had some very old knives from the early 1980's that continue to do some duty. For big knives, I picked up two Cuisinart knives at their bankruptcy sale in the mid-80's for $5. Wish I had bought more of them, but instead got more of the professional pan pieces (stainless w/copper layer)...
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    Have you got your covid vaccine yet?

    Ed: Amazing how different organizations treat the second Moderna dosing. Today I was at 33 days after weather cancellation last week. Here they say up to 56 days for effective dosing. Important thing is to get it onboard. Also there is two weeks after the 2nd shot before immunity is at...
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    Have you got your covid vaccine yet?

    Got my 2nd Moderna shot this morning. Just feeling kind of tired and maybe a little more fuzzy than usual. Again, the biggest issue was waiting in the line to get it. Since I'm in A-fib, I used a rolling walker with a seat and it was still a challenge. 3 weeks ago, would not have needed...
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    Favorite Pellet flavor?

    I've tried several flavors on ribs only and now prefer Apple with Cherry running a close second.
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    Have you got your covid vaccine yet?

    Got word this afternoon that my 2nd Moderna shot scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed due to delays in the vaccine arriving due to weather in other parts of the country. I happened to be at the computer when the email arrived and was lucky enough to get an appointment next Tuesday (2/23)...