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  1. JimK

    Any Labor Day Charcoal Deals?

    I'm down to a bag and a half of K-Pro. Any word on upcoming sales, or are they a thing of the past now?
  2. JimK

    Turkey Time!

    Brined turkey breast I picked up at Wegman's that was basted with a seasoned olive oil a few times before it finished. Grilled broccolini and roasted taters. 'Twas a winner. Making me look forward to Thanksgiving.
  3. JimK

    Balsamic 'Chops' and Chicken

    Boneless loin 'chops' and boneless, skinless chicken breast (not marinated together). Marinated in a mix of balsamic vinegar, EVOO, whole grain dijon, honey, S&P, fresh garlic, rosemary and thyme. A little broccolini and some store bought potato gratin on the side.
  4. JimK

    Burger night

    80/20 Angus - about 1.3lbs total. Added ~1.5TBS of mayo and made the patties. Heavy dose of salt and fresh ground pepper on both sides, then onto the grill over K Pro.
  5. JimK

    Enchiladas for the Future

    Fired up the WSM earlier today and threw on a chuck roast. I'll pull it tonight, vac seal and freeze. In a few weeks, I'll use it to make enchiladas. I rubbed it down with a mixture of Dizzy Pig's "Peruvian-ish", oregano, kosher salt, chili powder and cumin - a nice, healthy dose. Threw it...
  6. JimK

    Mojo Chicken from Weber

    We've done this a few times now and it's always a crowd pleaser. Works well with bone-in or boneless. (cooking time a little different for boneless, obviously) THE INGREDIENTS MARINADE 4 garlic cloves 1 small jalapeño pepper, seeded, coarsely chopped ½ cup packed cilantro leaves and tender...
  7. JimK

    I stole from CaseT and my family loved it

    Took Case's idea with the tortilla bowls and it worked very well. For ours, it was flap meat marinated, then in sous vide for about 90 minutes before going on the Performer for a sear. Greens, cukes, peppers, cheddar, Cotija cheese, olives, and some ranch dressing mixed with the seasonings I...
  8. JimK

    Mojo Chicken Again

    We had most of the family together last night at my sisters and Mojo Chicken got the call again. Cooking on another man's grill can be a challenge, but my brother in law's Spirit took to the challenge. We did thighs, breasts and BSBs. Black beans on the side, along with an amazing salad that...
  9. JimK

    Mojo Chicken from Weber

    Got an email from Weber with a Mojo Chicken recipe last week. Pretty good. I enjoyed it, but will tweak a bit next time. Here's the recipe: Cuban Mojo Chicken Legs | Poultry Recipes | Weber Grills Got 4 thighs on a bit before the boneless, skinless breasts. This little guy was by far...
  10. JimK

    Get ready for even higher meat prices.

    I paid more than enough for the baby backs I cooked today. Can't imagine it getting much worse, but it sounds like it will.
  11. JimK

    Delayed Smoke Day and Cicada Fest Combined

    We had a baseball tourney this weekend and that, combined with some really lousy weather Fri-Sun meant I wasn't grilling or smoking until today. But finally, I've got some ribs on and I'm happy - so are the Cicadas, judging by their volume.
  12. JimK

    Teriyaki on the WOO

    Genesis (aka Weber Outdoor Oven) grilled BSB's teriyaki style. Made a salad with homemade sesame vinaigrette (gotta have some old school "chow mein" noodles in there) and some chicken dumplings with a dipping sauce.
  13. JimK

    First SmokeFire I've seen on CL
  14. JimK

    No Webers Involved, but Worth Sharing

    I won't ever do boiled CB&C again.
  15. JimK

    Simple Teriyaki Chicken

    Made up the marinade and put the chicken in it Friday morning. Life happened and I didn't cook it until tonight. A little long in the marinade, but still good. Some stir fried broccoli and rice on the side. Hit the easy button and used the Genesis tonight.
  16. JimK

    Ribs Racing Raindrops

    It's been a busy couple months and with the way workload has been, I've worked both the MLK and President's Day holidays. Things are getting back to a somewhat normal level, so Friday, I made up for it and took one of my unused holidays. Decided to do some baby backs. I made a rub which (as...
  17. JimK

    Tandoori Chicken

    Quick grilling on the Genesis tonight as the deck was still covered in ice from yesterday's storm. Fortunately, the ice layers on the grill melted off today. Also did some oven roasted cauliflower and a spinach and chickpea curry.
  18. JimK

    Korean Rice Bowls with Strip Steak

    Another great recipe from Jamie and Weber. This was fantastic. If you're sensitive to heat, recommend going with 1/2 the gochujang - you can always add more in the bowl. I did 1/2 and it was a nice, pleasant heat. You knew it was there, but it sort of lingered in the background. Kept a...
  19. JimK

    Taco night - partially grilled.

    I love the flap meat from Costco - it's a great, beefy flavor and awesome on tacos. Usually, they come two in a pack. The last one I bought had a large steak and a smaller one. I season them with S&P, oregano, chili powder and cumin; vac seal individually and use for tacos. My MO is to sous...