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    Smoked bologna chub!

    I picked up a 3.5 lbs beef bologna chub. Scored it, lightly rubbed down with mustard then meat churches holy gospel! It was amazing. Sliced and diced with cheese and crackers to munch on while I had people over while the brisket was still going on the WSM.
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    Dry brine / keeping in the garage

    So I want to dry brine a couple of whole chickens and then let them “air dry” overnight so that I can get a bit more crisp skin when I rotisserie them the next day (cooking them Sunday) I won’t have the room for 2 birds on a rack over a cookie sheet in the fridge and wondered what you guys...
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    Last 20% of my cooks take forever! Help please

    Last 20% of every cook take forever! Help please I have had Weber gas and charcoal performer for years. I have also had a pellet grill for about 2 years. I enjoyed the ease of the pellet pooper, but wanted something that was charcoal, nothing beats charcoal/real wood flavor, and also would be a...