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    ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill dead at 72

    When I first went in the AF I had a little cassette player and about 6 albums and ZZ Tops first album was one of them played that till both the machine and the tape started to slow down. Love the group .
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    Performer deluxe propaneconversion

    Nice clean install, it still has space for rack storage, the bin still works, and now you are only doing a refill like once a year, if used alot. By the way good choice of color also. So what was you total cost as I like this install.
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    Performer v. Performer deluxe review

    I love the gas assit, I have it hooked to a 20lb tank and fire it up. I never have bought a performer new so saving 40 bucks means nothing to me but buying off CL I saved a couple hundred on each of mine so getting my toys,vortex,and SNS were a no brainer. Performer may not be perfect grill but...
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    Anyone have the Crate & Barrel Slate Blue Performer?

    Congrats Bob I hope it everything you hoped for, I love mine. Looking forward to your photo cooks on it.
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    Performer deluxe propaneconversion

    Errplacement parts : I am using them for a example, you would need a ignitor 20.,a regulator,50.,and a flame tube 35.00 . Now if you were to go to Weber and order these parts you may be able to get a discount and free shipping.
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    should I buy a WSM 18 for $60 ?

    As Lewis said buy it for one great reason. For 60.00 plus gas to go get it, you have a cheap learning tool to see if the WSM is right for you. If not flip it for what you paid for it nothing lost experience gained.
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    How do you eat your BBQ?

    I use both hands unless I am thrifty then either the left or right because of where the drink is located.....
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    Best Cover?

    Z Amazon : just type in Veranda WSM cover then look for the beige cover. I do not have a laptop right now to copie the link.
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    Grilling Area

    Love your veiw off the Deck Tim. I bet you can see some great sun rises and sun sets from there. Nice little family also.
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    Vent replacement 18 inch WSM

    First before your replace the whole vent what is the whole problem, is it not sealing to the WSM bowl? Is it loose and moves to Feely. Or something else. Both of the above can be fixed by removing the mounting hardware, and using A sandbag or a old pillow and with a ball peen Hamer of say 16 oz...
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    My new performer and a question.

    Open along with the top vent open the only thing I do is point the the open lid towards the on coming wind to protect the gas flame. And I only run the gas for about 3 to 5 minutes so the bottom coals are fully lite, then turn off gas and the air flow from bottom vents will allow a natural flow...
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    Best Cover?

    The Veranda model will fit your bill tuff,water proof, and the light color will last longer than a black model.
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    Best Cover?

    Question do you have any handles that stick out from the sides of your WSM like about a I ches or so like garage door handles? Or do you have a lid hinge ? And lastly do you have issues with wind removing your cover? For large handles the above cover would work grate. For lid hinge and winds a...
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    Fly Management

    I wonder if this Mets the new A Salt weapons ban......
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    Ramen with Smoked/Braised Pork

    I would love spicy pork Ramin, when we visit family in Seoul there is a hand pulled noodle house down the street from my BIL house, and they make several different broths, or soup bases, some have good spice, and are great. Ramin is a versatile base to start with, yours was really great.
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    Fly Management

    I had the salt gun, wore it out,it is fun shooting them though. The one ting that does help is a fan makes it harder for them to land on you, as you know windy days you have less flys.
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    Too late for the Cub’s Skirt Steak

    nice layout making me hungry.
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    Ribs for some family in town

    Ghost pepper to hot I wonder why? Dah.... Ribs look excellant, great smoke color.
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    Grilled chicken chili

    Wow that is a great looking chili meal ,that bowl looks very inviting.
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    Top round Tri tip

    Nice color I have never heard of that marinade before , what are some of the interesting ingredients Case. I Googled it and found it sounds interesting sort of a Asian influence, I will have to try this one out thanks.