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    Smoked bologna chub!

    I picked up a 3.5 lbs beef bologna chub. Scored it, lightly rubbed down with mustard then meat churches holy gospel! It was amazing. Sliced and diced with cheese and crackers to munch on while I had people over while the brisket was still going on the WSM.
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    Dry brine / keeping in the garage

    So I left theb2 chickens on the rack above a cookie sheet inside of my pellet grill in the garage. Worked great. Got the on the spot today. They turned out wonderful!
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    Finally got a 14.5 WSM!

    Steal! I have a 22 and love the size, but have been scanning the web for both a WSM 14 and also a 26” kettle!!!
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    Dry brine / keeping in the garage

    Yea, I had thought about that as well. I plan on covering them with a big tote. (Rack with chicken on a table and tote upside down over top of them). Just wanted to make sure that for a dry brine, to air dry, that this temp wouldn’t be too cold to achieve the same goals as in the fridge.
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    Dry brine / keeping in the garage

    So I want to dry brine a couple of whole chickens and then let them “air dry” overnight so that I can get a bit more crisp skin when I rotisserie them the next day (cooking them Sunday) I won’t have the room for 2 birds on a rack over a cookie sheet in the fridge and wondered what you guys...
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    Briquettes vs. Lump?!

    I don’t have that many WSM cooks under my belt yet. But I have either used KBB or Weber briquettes in the WSM every time. Weber did burn hotter and longer. I still have 8 bags left from the 40 I bought last year in Jan or so at Home Depot when they were 3.90 per bag. I most likely use KBB in the...
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    Last 20% of my cooks take forever! Help please

    Previously I had only used a cheap oven thermometer inside the old pellet grill, not a digital at grate level. It was always dead nuts on so i quite using it. But I will smoke something on it and use one of my digital probes this weekend. I also thought maybe it was cooking higher than...
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    Last 20% of my cooks take forever! Help please

    I appreciate the feedback fellas. I do understand that the meat will take until it hits the correct temp until it is done and that is that. It is just a head scratcher how ALL 3 things that I have cooked have taken a bit longer to way longer than they have previously. And since all 3 cooks with...
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    Last 20% of my cooks take forever! Help please

    Last 20% of every cook take forever! Help please I have had Weber gas and charcoal performer for years. I have also had a pellet grill for about 2 years. I enjoyed the ease of the pellet pooper, but wanted something that was charcoal, nothing beats charcoal/real wood flavor, and also would be a...