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    Is this a Meco Aussie cold water smoker?

    Brother tells me he was given a smoker. Hmm. Well what kind. Doesn't know. Send pic. Eventually he does. Is this thing even worth throwing out?
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    Jung. Or Chinese tamale casseroles

    After many days of preparation it was time for me to watch water boil. Really wish the flame would stay constant and better wind protection.
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    Need a bit of beef rib advice

    Family asked me to do beef ribs. Finally. Yeah!!! But they bought ribs all cut apart. I normally have no trouble with beef ribs. These are a bit different. Afraid my usual 275, for 5 hours will be way too much. I salted and peppered them and they are waiting for me to get back from chores...
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    New savory method

    Found a new cooking method may be my best yet. GF and I went to pick up a few savory pies. GF and I got into an argument because GF. Back home I assumed the position. You know the one even though it had nothing to do with me, I took the blame. After my shower I came up to see she had made up...
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    Brisket question

    Brisket was done high heat method due to time restraints. Prime. Trimmed but still ended up with lots of fat. My question is, when I got to the point part i saw this. Not sure what that is.
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    Fancy and Simple

    So again I prepared a meal fit for a few. Mahi Mahi, dozen potatoes, chinese stuffed gua, Grilled cauliflower, and again at the last minute I threw on some semi-defrosted beef to make Burgers for me. Yep. I may have gotten the short End but it still rocked. Long live weber
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    Anniversary Cook

    What should be on the menu to celebrate an anniversary?
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    Pellet grill excitement

    Notice a minor slowdown in traffic to this forum. Everyone must be enjoying the excellent smoked meat Weber is putting out. Last weeks cook got a "this is great, wonder if we could get more bbq flavor". GF is actually interested in bbq flavor. May be looking for an end of year deal. Course...
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    Looks like a scam

    This website ad popped up. Did a quick scan and it looka like it is not recommended
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    Where we stand on the smokefire

    Was going to write about how much this section has slowed down so much lately. It reminded me of an early post about the coming excitement , how a disturbance in the force this large would be all the rage. Then I saw this excellent post by Jon and I wanted to see how the smokefire had lived up...
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    Grill Cleaning and Maintenance

    Have a three burner spirit. (310?) I keep it spotless after every cook. I just got it back after lending it to my brother for two years. Oh boy. He loves his marinades especially on the grill. So I took it apart and soaked the inner pieces. Solid but rust on the bars and crud all over the...
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    Small issue need cancel button

    We need a cancel buton or some way to end a post especially if you didn't mean to pist. Like you accidentally hit something when scrolling
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    Filet Mignon cook

    Leftover filet from Friday. Made her a lot of special foods for a valentine. She chose the other stuff so tonight I have to cook the filet. A) should I just pan it with butter salt and pepper, B) oven/broil sear it, C) throw it over the fence to the huskies and go get a rib eye like a real man
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    Finish-reheat brisket

    Cooked a brisket flat Saturday. Brought it close to finish. Not probe tender but the skinny side was 190's, and the thicker "point" end was 180's. Question: best way to finish? Oven low and slow. All wrapped up? Or slice while cold and finish...thanks!
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    Need advice on today's fest

    Question: cooking pulled pork, brisket and prime rib. There will be a long holdover of three hours. Should I take out early and plan for a longer rise or cool quick and hope they okay. I know when they probe well and temp. Not sure if I should take out a bit early or not. Thanks!
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    Weber Pellet Grill

    I am surprised that this forum is not already swamped with people; curious ones, Engineering and Tech nerds (me), Charcoal Purists, Gas Grill Greats, even pellet fanatics. (poopers?) I thought a disturbance in the force this large would awaken everybody. I do not know if a pellet grill will do...
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    Frustrated with Char-Broil Electric Smoker

    Bought this machine as an additional tool in the arsenal. Cleaned the machine perfectly and then waited for the day I needed it. I woke up early to prepare for my largest and most important bbq event of the year. Uh, hmmm... what is the problem. Will not work. Suppose to be able to work in...
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    Kingsford portable grill. Am I seeing this right tldr ***

    Soaking up the bbq section at the local medium box store. Some nice Webers and others and.. What is this? A kingsford portable mini grill. Hmmm, Has a hinge, nice. Uh oh, wait a minute. Yep you guessed it. When I studied how the hinge works there is a upper grate. Sure enough the upper...