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    How do you store leftover pulled pork?????

    Completely agree with you. Given a chance I always overcook er make more than I need. For my former annual event, I cook three times the quantity needed. But usually all the pulled pork is taken home by people. Usually in whole shoulders, or half. If I could get a good vacuum sealer or even...
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    Wow. Looks great.
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    Torn between the EX6, MB 1050 & Chargriller 980

    Two 26 with a table in between... hmm. Lights, sink, assistants.... Darn i getting hungry
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    Couldn't have done that on my Silver B

    Please no prions. Please
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    Making beef jerky on the WSM 22” at 170 degrees

    I use a higher temp, but then again I do not use any nitrates etc. Three problems: Need to make a lot more at a time so need an oven or such and hang pieces on the racks. Have to keep refrigerated cause no preservatives, no idea how long it will last but usually less than an hour and all gone...
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    Chuck Roast - Smoke or Smoke/Sous Vide

    I smoked one last week on the grill. Turned out okay for me but not that great. Not much better than the old foil wrapped oven method. Maybe a stew style with tomato and star anise...
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    pork belly burnt ends texture?

    Skin too. People here love it. But I prefer a bit less fat.. By here I mean people in the house near me right now. B
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    Anyone else think meat prices are too high?

    Yes, prices are very high. Worry is they will stay high for a lot of items. Whatever the new normal they can squeeze out of all products and services. Pot roast 6.99 on sale... 77, 99, 1.xx for shoulders, now close to 3.00. Brisket, 549 packer and 899 for the flat. Burgers, 399, sale... Costco...
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    Anyone else think meat prices are too high?

    Did anyone want to come back from space...
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    EX6 just delivered. Initial impressions

    Traeger is back at Costco. Not as nervous as before but still making sure they do all they can to keep market share.
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    Paella on the Kettle

    I need a good paella pan. Oh and talent.
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    Biggest regret or mistake

    Years ago tried getting a gas grill at home depot. End of season, very late in the year, a six-burner. Way discounted. I tried to buy it. No one would help. I tried for a couple days. Then gave up. I think one of the workers took it home. Complained but got no where. Still irked.
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    Tomorrow I'm goin' in: Rack of Angus Beef Center Cut Back Ribs

    275 4 to 5 hours, usually 5 hours. If cut into separate bones it can go faster. How fast not sure, maybe 1 to 2
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    First ribs in WSM

    I wonder if the spraying and the low temp led to a stall that just affected the cook just enough to prevent enough collagen from getting rendered..
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    The "Duchess Cooker" - An All aluminum kettle made by maker of PK Grills

    I see an easter egg for the next restoration So when can we help with the "faster than sound" ...
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    Epic BBQ Fail

    It still looks tasty to me
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    Big price drop in spare ribs at Sams

    Different costco had packers for 449. Flats were still 899. Shoulders were 299 still. Hmmm. No beef ribs for a long time.
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    Smaller grates please

    Placing a smaller metal cylinder would create a double wall insulated wsm... Now how...
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    Get Shorty.

    Damn lucky the Concorde is not still running.