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  1. Dwain Pannell

    ....and today is.......

    Flag Day
  2. Dwain Pannell

    Smokefire Pork Tenderloin

    That’s good to hear there have been no problems with your cooker. The results are outstanding.
  3. Dwain Pannell

    Can someone please explain the mechanics of a brisket

    I haven’t noticed one grade cooking faster than another between Prime and Choice. I’ve not cooked lesser grades. Having said that, I always cook a Packer Brisket Hot n Fast ( I don’t go anywhere else — just use Chris’ method but with...
  4. Dwain Pannell

    The Virtual Weber Bullet 23rd Anniversary

    Congratulations! I’ve shared a decade of the experience. Cheers!🍻
  5. Dwain Pannell

    June 14 National Bourbon Day

    I have a Peach Bourbon BBQ Chicken recipe that could just be on the menu tomorrow.
  6. Dwain Pannell

    What counts as a "view?

    But now the Q becomes why did it change now vs not before?
  7. Dwain Pannell

    Removing silver skin on a brisket

    I use a fish fillet knife. I showed my granddaughter how to do it the other day.
  8. Dwain Pannell

    Huli Huli Chicken cook

    The best Huli Huli I ever had was on the North Shore of Oahu. This family set up a roadside stand equipped with a car hauler outfitted with huge spits with sprockets on one end connected to a motor with a long bicycle chain. He had a bed of coals in the floor of that trailer with at least 50...
  9. Dwain Pannell

    Memorial Day 2021

    I know far too many that gave their lives. Dorrity, Frith, Rossi, Reich, .... so many more. 🇺🇸
  10. Dwain Pannell

    Defective Smoke receiver

    Hey Chris, I have a laptop that I don’t get along with. Can you help me out ? 😂
  11. Dwain Pannell

    Really enjoyed spending some time here, hope to be back for July 4th

    I here ya. I had to step back from online activity for a bit as well. I’ve been stopping in from time to time just to make sure I still recognize people. We’ll look for you when you get back in town. Cheers!
  12. Dwain Pannell

    Day 3 Beef Brisket

    The secret is use a wooden skewer to ck for tenderness. If it slides in with no resistance it is done. If not let it go a little longer and ck again. You won’t regret it!
  13. Dwain Pannell

    Brisket better than pork shoulder?

    they are. 5 hours every time. Start the fire, put on the brisket, wait two and a half hours, wrap it in foil, wait two and a half hours, test for tenderness, add time if required. EZ PZ (look up Hot n Fast). Moist and tender every time. ....not that pulled pork isn’t awesome.
  14. Dwain Pannell

    Day 3 Beef Brisket

    I tried Hot n Fast years ago. Never looked back. I haven’t smoked a brisket low n slow since. yours looks awesome. Cheers!
  15. Dwain Pannell

    Smoke Day Brisket

    The family couldn’t come out Sat so we‘re celebrating Smoke Day on Memorial Day. Cheers all! ...and let’s not forget those who gave their lives for our feedom. GOD Bless America 🇺🇸. Here’s the brisket at my first tenderness check. Still needs a bit more time.
  16. Dwain Pannell

    Brisket Question about large difference in temps between flat vs point

    IMO, the temp is only taken to determine when to wrap it. To tell when it’s done a wooden skewer is used to poke it in several places. No resistance should be felt. Like a hot knife thru butter. If any resistance is felt, it’s not done yet.
  17. Dwain Pannell

    Hot links

    Looks good. I stuffed and smoked some snack sticks this past weekend
  18. Dwain Pannell

    Myron Mixon's new book " Keto BBQ "

    Speaking of this, I took pulled pork to a church group last night and decided to pick up some sauces. The Moon’s AL White sauce has 1 g carb while the no sugar Sweet Baby Ray’s Hickory has 4 g. I found both to be excellent.
  19. Dwain Pannell

    What's cookin' for WSM Smoke Day 17?

    I will smoke a brisket.
  20. Dwain Pannell

    First Smoke on my WSM 14 and need some advice

    I agree with Chris: air dry, no pan, directly over the coals is the way I like chicken on the WSM.