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  1. Steve_Williams

    Tardy BUT wanted to Share Our WSM Bird

    Yes, yes, yes I am late. But seeing all the other birds motivated me to show mine. Used TVWSM cooking tips. Target temp was anything north of 300'F for 3 plus hours. 18# bird on my 18.5 WSM. Had 3/4 chimney of unlit in smoker and added 1/2 chimney of lit. Ended having to add another 1/3...
  2. Steve_Williams

    My Thanksgiving Cook - WSM Smoked

    Hi Everyone, I hope you all are having a blessed Thanksgiving. I also hope your cooks go as planned! Here is our Turkey. 18# bird and it took 3 hours to cook at around 300'F Now we must wait for the party! Take care!:cool:
  3. Steve_Williams

    My Thanksgiving Cook - WSM Smoked

    Hi Everyone, I hope you all are having a blessed Thanksgiving. I also hope your cooks go as planned! Here is our Turkey. 18# bird and it took 3 hours to cook at around 300'F Now we must wait for the party! Take care!:cool:
  4. Steve_Williams

    WSM 18" Cover - Where to buy? Is there a generic cover for it? Thanks

    Looking to buy a cover for my smoker. Also are there any alternative ideas for outdoor coverage?
  5. Steve_Williams

    My Thanksgiving - Tried Two Ways to Cook - Results - Tie

    Hi all, I tried smoking one bird and rotisserie cooking the other. Set up and prepped the birds the day before. Used S/P, Garlic and better under and over the skin on two Butterball enhanced turkeys. Started both around the same time. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG] Used Apple wood...
  6. Steve_Williams

    2 Birds / 2 Ways - WSM smoked and on Gasser with Rotisserie

    Hi All, Having 15 plus over at the house for Thanksgiving this year. I thought it would be fun to have two birds made two different ways. Both birds will have butter, S&P, garlic and paprika under and over veer the skin. I will smoke one 14# bird on the WSM. I think I'll have the charcoal...
  7. Steve_Williams

    New (to me) / Used 22" Kettle OTS - NY Strips

    Bought a Weber 22" OTS from Craigslist for $60. Been lurking around for one for awhile. No dents, shiny and basically already broke in. Well I needed to break it in - I had to buy some steaks. Usually I get Rib Eyes but at $14 a pound, I tried something I have not had in awhile. I chose NY...
  8. Steve_Williams

    Tardy Post from St Psddys Day

    Hi all, Yes I and quite late in posting photos from St Paddy's day. I tried the quick pastrami from preseason corned beef. Bought the corned beef at Costco and also some bb ribs just in case my experiment did not work. I followed the directions from the VWBB site to make pastrami from corned...
  9. Steve_Williams

    Thanksgiving Socal Style - Hair Dryer Saved the Day - huh?

    Hi all, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day. We did! I tried smoking a bird for the first time this year. Usually, I rotisserie turkey but WSM would make it even better. I used a recipe from the TVSM and I appreciated to sites information and help for me - great job Chris and...
  10. Steve_Williams

    Looking for 22" Weber Charcoal Grill Used in Orange County, CA

    Looking for a used 22" kettle to add to my home. I am in Huntington Beach, CA. Any out there?
  11. Steve_Williams

    Finally Cooked Some BB Ribs

    Finally got smoker going. I have been in the hospital lately. Not cooking as I await a new heart. Felt great to smoke some baby back ribs and have family over. Costco ribs were huge and very meaty! Did the 3-2-1 cook and they turned out great. Can't wait to cook more often. Is there such...
  12. Steve_Williams

    Brisket Beauty! I'm 2 for 4 so Far

    Hi Brothers and Sisters, I have been shaking in my shoes as I have cooked 4 briskets but 2 of my 4 times were great and 2 dry. This last brisket turned out the best of them all. I am still looking for good tips on cooking brisket. Here is what I did. Prep the the 11 lb packer night before...
  13. Steve_Williams

    My BB Ribs - Memorial Day

    I am amazed with all the great bbq images for this memorial weekend. As a newbie, I am excited about smoking. At times, I get reminded that I am VERY new at this. However, I finally used my rib rack which was not used ever before. A birthday gift that was in the drawer of cooking tools but...
  14. Steve_Williams

    Memorial Day Baby Back Rib Question

    Happy Memorial Day! Question for my cook today. I have the 18" WSM and 4 racks of ribs. Should I use both levels (2 racks per level), rib rack on top level or wrap / kabob on top level? If I use 2 levels should I rotate as I am sure the heat will be different at each level? Looking for some...
  15. Steve_Williams

    Sunday BBQ - chicken, brats and Dogs - Family Time

    Family and lots of kids over on Sunday. Decided not to use the grill, only the WSM. Smoked a whole chicken that I cut in half. Seasoned it overnight and had it on the WSM for 2 hours. Then for about 15 minutes I grilled the chicken on the de constructed WSM. Also cooked brats and dogs on my...
  16. Steve_Williams

    Stoker System WSM 18" - is it worth it?

    Ok sorry another newbie question. I love gadgets too but 350 to 400 plus for this Stoker? That's more than I spent on th WSM. Help me with th why please?
  17. Steve_Williams

    My First Pork Butt Smoke

    Got up early and lit my fire. Butt on the grill at 7am temp 240'F. Left on for 9 hours and then sprayed / wet. Temp varied from 230 - 260. Took off after 10 hours with internal temp 199'F Let rest for 30 minutes. Then pulled the pork and made some slaw, pork sandwiches. The pork...
  18. Steve_Williams

    My Baby Back Ribs

    My first proper smoke for the RMS. I did the 3,2,1 method. I had problems with temperature (too low). I used the minion method which fixed the temp and total cook time. 3 hours at around 250, 2 hours in foil and apple juice and 1 hour with BBQ sauce. TENDER! Not sure how to attach images...