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  1. Jason Noble

    Thanksgiving Dinner and Taking One for the Team

    Sure looks tasty. I'd take a serving of that WC stuffing 😁
  2. Jason Noble

    Thanksgiving 2020

    Might fine looking bird.
  3. Jason Noble

    Felt the need for some wings!

    Killer looking wings.
  4. Jason Noble

    Overnight Brisket on the Summit Charcoal

    Very nice bark. Looks moist as well.
  5. Jason Noble


    Good looking grub. I'd die for food like that on the hunt.
  6. Jason Noble

    Taco Tuesday

    Tacos look great. Gasser is great for those quick cooks.
  7. Jason Noble


    Wow! Looks good. Love the rosemary.
  8. Jason Noble

    Quick Summer Steak Dinner

    Looks great Rich.
  9. Jason Noble

    Master-Touch Premium Charcoal Grill 22" - New to the USA?!

    Only black? I'd love to see some other colors offered.
  10. Jason Noble

    Limited Edition 26" Kettle in Glen Blue - THE UNICORN OF ALL UNICORNS! For Sale NOW

    Wow! That is a good looking grill. I've always wanted a 26" kettle...
  11. Jason Noble

    Huli Huli Chicken

    Beautiful color on that chicken.
  12. Jason Noble

    Lump Review my view

    Looks good Russ! Seeing as how you guys already have a Walmart I wouldn't worry too much about Costco.
  13. Jason Noble

    Hi from the NL

    Welcome! Lots of friendly folks and great info here.
  14. Jason Noble

    Nathan's Foot Long Hot Dogs

    Those look delicious. I'll have to keep an eye out for those giant dogs and buns! Bar S in my area are budget dogs. However they still turn out pretty tasty when cooked on a Weber.:cool:
  15. Jason Noble

    The Saddest Post I’ve Ever Done.

    Sending positive thoughts your way.
  16. Jason Noble


    My method for popcorn is: Pop on stove top with coconut oil, then toss in bowl with clarified butter, lastly finish with flavacol. Very good stuff.
  17. Jason Noble

    What is your favorite non-Weber product bbq related?

    My Maverick 732 and a carbon steel wok that i picked up at an Asian grocery store. The wok fits perfectly in the hole in the middle of the grate on the 22" kettle.
  18. Jason Noble

    Christmas Eve Smorgasbord

    That looks incredible. What a feast!
  19. Jason Noble

    Mongolian Beef

    Wow! That looks very good.
  20. Jason Noble

    Something new is coming to the Weber Grills product line

    I could see an electric grill being exciting for those living in an apartment or other housing that doesn't allow charcoal/gas grills.