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  1. Ron De Hoogh

    Surprise find!

    I had to put something in one of our C-Vans that I keep my Kettles in this morning and while in there I decided to put the lid Bale on my Jumbo Joe, once that was done I spotted what I thought was the empty box for it on the table low and behold it contained an unassembled JJ! I like these kind...
  2. Ron De Hoogh

    What an 18" kettle can do

    Quite a lot actually! On the other site used to be a Gentleman that loved to push the limits of what an 18" kettle could do, I copied him on how he set his kettle up and did a cook that proves that his method works well enough even for me. He also likes to use multiple kettles at one time to...
  3. Ron De Hoogh

    Loin Chops on Jr.

    First off I love my Grill Grates! I grilled some Loin chops on my Genesis Jr, they came out great and so juicy!
  4. Ron De Hoogh

    Dizzy chicken!

    The other day I got a rotisserie basket so today I picked up some thighs to spin. I also used my Slow N Sear plus the drip pan and got the chicken dizzy! They turned out awesome, very juicy and a good flavor. What's funny is I wasn't planning on doing them today but I was out doing some...
  5. Ron De Hoogh

    Hard to shop for.

    My wife complains that I am hard to shop for, especially at this time of the year as I have pretty much what I need and most everything I want. I'll admit I am particular in what I want especially when it comes to grill and BBQ equipment/tools, I asked for BBQ tools one year and while they were...
  6. Ron De Hoogh

    New lid bail and wheels

    I went old school on the wheels as the "asterisk" were ones I never really liked and they were kinda rough looking, so I replaced them. I also replaced the lid bail with a newer version that allows the lid to stand up more.
  7. Ron De Hoogh

    Genesis generation question.

    I saw an ad on Craigslist for a Genesis Grill it had the condiment rack on the right side and no flip up table. The wheels were missing the white walls and after texting back and forth several times about parts availability he finally admitted that the ignitor was missing(I know that is...
  8. Ron De Hoogh

    Leg quarters on the SnS

    By far my best chicken after trial and error (more error) I watched a few videos on doing chicken and using the SnS. It turned out moist and tasty! I bought my chicken from a butcher after reading ( Americas test kitchen grilling book) about different sizes of chicken and to go to a butcher...
  9. Ron De Hoogh

    One of those kind of days!

    I got up this morning and did my normal routine,I go to make coffee so I take out the used K cup pod and throw it away and close up the machine,I pick my cup size and start the machine. I took my cup once it was done and sit down in my chair,after it cooled some I took a drink, my first thought...
  10. Ron De Hoogh

    2nd gen Performer

    I remember someone had posted that they had changed the lid bail to a larger one that allowed the lid to sit up straighter and wouldn't you know it forgot to write the part number down :oops: does anyone know the part number? While moving it I noticed a small crack on the end of the table so...
  11. Ron De Hoogh

    Pork chops on the SnS

    I used my new Slow and Sear today on my Performer to grill some pork chops and do some Bourbon beans in the basement. I did the beans in the basement while things heated up, it was so good ,I love this thing!
  12. Ron De Hoogh

    Is this normal?

    Is it normal for the knobs to get this hot? :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Ron De Hoogh

    Chicken and pork steaks on the 26"kettle

    Chicken turned out good and knocked the pork out of the park! Chicken had Roasted garlic and herb from Mc Cormick grill mates and the pork had mushroom and garlic rub.
  14. Ron De Hoogh

    No flame on low

    My Genesis Jr was rebuilt with shortened burner tubes and I am getting a weak flame from the end when on high, little to none on medium and to the heart of the problem no flame at all all along the front burner tube on low. I at first I suspected the regulator as I was getting erratic temps and...
  15. Ron De Hoogh

    German meatloaf and Ribs!

    I made German Meatloaf and Ribs today, I did the meatloaf on the Genesis Jr and the ribs on the WSM. This is the second cook for me on both and I got way better results.
  16. Ron De Hoogh

    Jr questions

    I want to replace and find a few items for my Genesis Jr. First is the regulator and hose, it currently has a longer hose than what I consider necessary so i want to buy a new one, what do i look for, a certain gas pressure or any one for a propane gas grill? I also would like to replace the...
  17. Ron De Hoogh

    Two burner question

    On the Jr it only has two burners, i know you have to light the front burner first then the back. My question is once that is accomplished can i shut down the front burner and just use the back one?
  18. Ron De Hoogh

    First time Gas user

    Today I used my Genesis Jr for the first time and I decided to do chicken. There was good and not so good, the good, the grill worked great, the not so good, the hassle back potatoes took longer than expected, I used Macadamia oil that was infused with garlic on the chicken, not to sure if it...
  19. Ron De Hoogh

    WTB Warming rack for Genesis Jr

    In search of a warming rack for my Genesis Jr, I bought what was listed as a warming rack for the Jr and bought a swinging rack (it attached to a couple of points in the lid) alas they are for the full size Genesis (i bought the swinging rack based on the warming rack) let me know what you have...
  20. Ron De Hoogh

    Smoked Tri-tip

    Done over lump. Burboun baked beans also.