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    heatermeter for sale

    so i have built a few of these and dont need them all.... its a well built heatermeter i have not soldered in the led's....but i could i just dont know the height needed for different cases 85 dollars plus shipping.... i dont think i am making any money on it but if i am it did take a few hours...
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    Building weather resistant heatermeter need some help on alternative parts .. please

    this is the dc power jack i am looking to get .....dc jack I would like to get probe jacks that are similar and am thinking about using a 2.5 mm power jack for the blower. here is kinda what i am looking to do based on what another board member did which can be found in this post Any...
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    so how are you attaching your blower to the smoker

    looking for interesting ideas to connect the blower to the smoker
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    themistor reading very high

    so installed my ambient sensor on food 3 and its reading over 250 any ideas???
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    Hi from buffalo ny

    I am new here and relatively new to smoking..... and what pulled me here was the active discussions on the linkmeter and the heatermeter something i am very interested in i am a tech junkie and love things that make life easier and more streamline. I also enjoy being away from the tech and...