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  1. John Sully

    Spring has sprung !!

    On Friday I was able to get my boat dropped in the Great South Bay !! Brings back alot of memories every year. When I was a kid my father, grand father, brother and I would make a day of launching whatever boat we had. I could skip school and spend the day on the boat. Dad and Pop are long gone...
  2. John Sully

    Easter Dinner

    Beautiful weather on Long Island for Easter. I did a 6 lb. pork rib roast on the 22 WSM and duck breasts, skirt steak and veggies on the SF EX-6. It was my first try at duck and came out pretty good (none left) but will will try something different for the flavors next time.
  3. John Sully

    Just a little brisket

    My wife came home from the store with a 2 lb. brisket flat, I put it on the Smokefire on Saturday at 235. Came out better than I expected for such a small, lean piece of meat.
  4. John Sully

    Glow Plug

    After 13 months and over 100 cooks the original glow plug that came with my EX-6 finally died. If I get out of work early enough today I will swap it out for a new one. Feels like I'm losing a part of the family !!
  5. John Sully

    Smoking Wood ???

    I am building a cabinet out of 6/4 clear cherry plank and wondering if the the small cut offs could be used in my smokers. Any thoughts ?
  6. John Sully

    Offset wood smokers

    I have been reading and researching offset stick burners for the last few months and I am seriously considering buying one. I have looked Yoder, Lang and Lone Star but would really appreciate any input from folks who own and use them.
  7. John Sully

    Help with duck

    I have never had or cooked duck. My oldest son is a big fan of it and I want to do duck breast for him along with everything else for our next Sunday dinner. Has anyone grilled, bbq'd or smoke duck breast ? Appreciate any help, recipes or insight. Thanks !!
  8. John Sully

    What is your best cook ever ?

    I bought my first WSM 22 in 2014 and have some good cooks but this is my best ever, pork rib roast. What's yours ??
  9. John Sully

    What year is this grill

    I found the original owners manual to the first Weber gas grill I ever bought. I have the serial number, EZ 0436814, but I don't remember when I bought it, more out of curiosity then anything else. I still have it and keep it at work for Friday BBQ's in the summer. Would appreciate any info...
  10. John Sully

    A lot of Wings

    My wife and I do a party every summer for my oldest son, 37, and his life long friends. We try and make sure they and their families stay in touch. This year was 25 adults and 13 kids under 6 years old. I had the Smokefire, both 22 WSM's and the Genesis 310 going all day. We cooked 35 lbs of...
  11. John Sully

    Custom Front Table EX-6

    The new custom front table for EX-6 is complete and installed on the smoker, 316 stainless steel. The red backer plate for the lettering is held in place by threaded studs and a back-up plate.
  12. John Sully

    New Smokefire Grates

    A few weeks ago I had some free time and material left over from an old job so I decided to make new stainless steel grates for my Smokefire. I made them a little bigger than the original grates so they fit a lot better, don't slide around when you clean them up.
  13. John Sully

    New Grates

    I love the look of the EX6 but the grates didn't look like they were for a smoker. I made new ones from stainless steel expanded metal and made them a little wider than the original ones and they fit much better.
  14. John Sully

    Custom Handles

    I came up with an idea for adding handles to the mid section of the WSM, I sent my sketches to a friend of mine and he fabricated stainless steel handles that use the existing holes. My wife came up with the idea to hold the Thermoworks using a cell phone holder designed for a stroller.