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  1. Timothy F. Lewis

    First time “rolling ribs”

    SWMBO and I have been thinking/talking about wanting some ribs for what seems to be a long time so, this morning I got out of the shower and went for some (since I had failed to think ahead yesterday!). Home and stripped membrane off got them rubbed and on the smoker! New technique for me but...
  2. Timothy F. Lewis

    Derby day feasting/ cocktails

    Saturday is “The Derby” and of course it will be a day of hats, and wonderful feasting and cocktails. I’m planning “Wild Turkey” juleps (the higher proof holds up nicely) and probably spinning a whole pork loin but, the other sides are starting to frustrate me, I’m thinking that baked sweet...
  3. Timothy F. Lewis

    Another Saturday night and I’m feedin’ somebody...

    I got some sausages and they’re about to be grilled.. (Apologies to Sam Cooke) Sautéed onions and yellow peppers, Baked feta tomato rigatoni, Prepped Plated may follow or not depending on just how hungry we all are...
  4. Timothy F. Lewis

    Happy birthday Rich Dahl!

    To celebrate, I got my second covid shot!
  5. Timothy F. Lewis

    Behemoth butt! 17 hrs!

    Well I’m very glad that something told me to start this mammoth 12 pound butt last night! Removed after a little over 17 hours, probes very nicely, sorry got it in foil and towels before I thought about it! I will try to remember some shots before and after pulling! Now, starting to sort out...
  6. Timothy F. Lewis

    Rained out!

    Well, I had fully intended to at least do the chops on the grill but the weather gods were against me. So, pan sear, leeks, onions, mushrooms fresh tarragon and cream. Then into the oven while I made the Leek, potato cake with far more Irish butter than may have been prudent but, it certainly...
  7. Timothy F. Lewis

    Feast of St. Patrick (translated)

    As the Feast Day was mid week and there would have been significant difficulties arranging it to happen then, I exercised my Anglican practice of translating the Feast to the following!!! So about nine pounds of beeves, two of Brussels sprouts, one of carrots, three of potatoes...
  8. Timothy F. Lewis

    Leaf Filter gutter covers!

    Wow, I called them Tuesday, set up an appointment with the rep for Wednesday at 11:00 closed the deal by 11:30 installers were here about 12:30! Done and gone by three. Then that night big wind and rain came through. Glad to never need to climb up the ladder to clean walnut scuzz out of a gutter...
  9. Timothy F. Lewis

    Saturday’s feasting

    Decided it was time to do a second run with the rotisserie on the gasser. So this was the prep stage Maple seasoned wings, baked Brie, some sweet Italian sausages, and a pork loin rubbed down with some yardbird rub. Somehow, the pictures got out of sequence but, you get the idea.
  10. Timothy F. Lewis

    Another Lenten dinner

    Lobster ravioli in a lemon/minneola cream sauce with basil. My family has done meatless Wednesday as well as Fridays in Lent, my Dad would have enjoyed this thoroughly!
  11. Timothy F. Lewis

    First gas cook of the season

    Sunny, warm and dry so, I pulled the cover off the Genny and opened the valves... one push of the ignition and whuff started right up! A little grate prep and I was off to the races! I think it’s going to be a good grilling season! A little mashed potato cake and sautéed sprouts with some “Youz...
  12. Timothy F. Lewis

    Saturday night goodness

    It was a lovely day here yesterday so, I decided that it was time for a load of Peruvian chicken! And the rest of the story... Well, having some photo loading issue, don’t know what but, I’ll post the end result in a few minutes
  13. Timothy F. Lewis

    Tonight’s Lenten Repast

    I had not done anything with a piece of salmon in quite a while. So Just a touch over two pounds, Lightly dusted with a touch of “Bayou Blast” and brown sugar. Sauce for the last few minutes, butter, scallion, garlic, lemon zest and juice of half a lemon. Now it’s time to light the grill...
  14. Timothy F. Lewis

    WTB-22” ash catcher

    Need to upgrade the secondary 22” kettle and I’m looking for an ash catcher assembly (ring and bucket), not really wanting to drop $60 for the catcher on a kettle I only spent ten bucks for. I’m considering moving this kettle to the deck and I think it would help keep the scuzz off the deck...
  15. Timothy F. Lewis

    Having Moka Pot issues!

    My Moka pot is making me less than happy, it’s several years old but I’ve never used it very much (like maybe half a dozen times) I got it out checked over the seals and valve made sure everything was clean and safe. Filled it up, put it on the stove and the thing somehow boiled dry before...
  16. Timothy F. Lewis

    Not a performer cook but, it WILL be!

    Savory Dutch Baby from the Heavens! Just out... Garlic, herb mushroom filling: And time to enjoy: I’m seeing this as a really good use for the Vortex ! It was FABULOUS! More herbs, cheese, and, of course wine! Kids, this one was a full blown winner!
  17. Timothy F. Lewis

    One more before the snow hits tonight!

    Decided to cook the chicken I’d forgotten about from last weeks foray to the store. Stuffed with a head of garlic cut in half and a lemon, painted with bacon fat from breakfast and dusted with my version of Emerils “bayou blast”, indirect, apple for smoke and a little over an hour and a half as...
  18. Timothy F. Lewis

    Does anyone use a mechanics Oiler for cooking?

    Aside from the old Alton Brown episodes, do any of you folks use a “Pump Oiler” for oil dispensing? It always made some sense to me , it’s a measured amount, light tight, and washable. But, are they “food safe”? Curious and only passively interested, I like the concept.
  19. Timothy F. Lewis


    I just looked out my window and saw my neighbor load up his Char Broil smoker with coal, douse it with lighter fluid and while flames were still spewing, he put the going together and closed it up like it was ready! Am I wrong to tell him he’s out of his tree? Or how do I open that conversation...
  20. Timothy F. Lewis

    New traditional Thanksgiving!

    Just getting things sorted out for an overnight project. The new model turkey: The rest is fairly traditional, dressing, sweet potato casserole, broccoli pecan bake, creamed pearl onions, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and mocha torte. More pics may follow.