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  1. Cee El

    FB Find: EX4 in NC, $500

    There was a Summit Kamado at the end of March being sold near Rock Hill. I thought hard about it. Originally it was listed at like $800 then he dropped to $600 after a while. It would cost me $200 in U Haul fees to get it, so I never contacted him. This is the first Smokefire I’ve seen too...
  2. Cee El

    FB Find: EX4 in NC, $500

    When I worked at Lowe’s, if something like a nice grill came back, or a riding mower, etc. there was a process to determine if we were stuck with it or we could send it back to the manufacturer and let them deal with it. Sometimes you were stuck. I got an ivory Weber Spirit 2 burner once...
  3. Cee El

    FB Find: EX4 in NC, $500

    You may be right. It stayed at $600 for a while. It looks good, but it’s too far and I don’t have a truck. I just assumed they got frustrated.
  4. Cee El

    FB Find: EX4 in NC, $500

    This has been listed for a while now. It isn’t mine, but the price recently dropped again and thought someone here might be interested...
  5. Cee El

    What's Your Favorite Way to Grill a Whole Chicken?

    Cut up and jerked!
  6. Cee El

    Caroline mustard BBQ sauce.

    Ehhh... I thought the OP was asking for commercial sauces. I stand behind Cattlemen’s for a store bought, mustard based sauce. I’m from South Carolina. Mustard bbq sauces are pretty standard where I live.
  7. Cee El

    Caroline mustard BBQ sauce.
  8. Cee El

    OK - Now I see why WSM vs Kettle. But would like suggestions on Spider-22 vs WSM 22 with mods

    Rest In Peace to Phil in Florence. That guy was awesome!
  9. Cee El

    Your local dish?

    Hash, either pork or beef, is our local dish. We have a restaurant here who renamed its street address Hash Blvd.
  10. Cee El

    Your local dish?

    It’s popular here in upstate SC, too.
  11. Cee El

    Getting close to Kingsford charcoal deals?

    I did a search on Brickseek and all my local stores are showing $12.88 and Out of Stock, which means it’s being held for something, as KBB and Matchlight were always staples. Lowe’s “Springfest” Event kicks off April 8.
  12. Cee El

    Rotisserie, it’s not just for whole chickens

    I did some ribs once, but didn’t like threading them on the spit. I vaguely remember a pineapple idea once upon a time too that wasn’t impressive. I like the Tri tip idea, though. Maybe I’ll get me a basket for my birthday.
  13. Cee El

    Have you got your covid vaccine yet?

    I got my first of the Moderna vaccine a few days ago. It was my last day of vacation. I noticed a sluggishness at work yesterday, but I made it through my shift and the commute ok.
  14. Cee El

    Turkey burgers

    Now that’s how you make a burger!
  15. Cee El

    Pork roast and asparagus

  16. Cee El

    Refurbished My 2004 Genesis Gold C

    Good looking grill!
  17. Cee El

    What are propane prices like in your area now?

    You are correct. I once had a customer insist I weigh each tank for him. I later found out what all the fuss was about. A Blue Rhino driver once told me they underfilled for safety reasons. A ThompsonGas manager told me that was wrong and they’d been sued for that practice. That said, an...
  18. Cee El

    Spinning a Breast with Infrared Power (and a different item to show the burner)

    That looks great! My Summit has been sitting for a while (I ran outta fuel), but your post might just make me get up off my rear and go to the store.
  19. Cee El

    Sunday Jerk Chicken Redux

    I watched a lot of real Jamaicans on YouTube do it, and they all seemed to use this step. I’d say it works.
  20. Cee El

    Sunday Jerk Chicken Redux

    Thanks. I can’t take too much heat. I gave up on using peppers in the marinade. I use habanero hot sauce, about two tablespoons, and that’s perfect for my tastebuds.