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  1. Bob Bass

    2nd Annual America's Finest BBQ State Championship - San Diego - September 14, 2019

    This weekend is the San Diego Bayfair. A long term event (started back in 1965) includes 3 full days of on the bay motor boat races, including the big dogs... Unlimited Hydroplanes. For the 2nd year, a BBQ competition will be held as one of the Bayfair events. The 2nd Annual America's...
  2. Bob Bass

    2018 Del Mar, CA - Turf & Surf BBQ Championships - Sunday August 19th 1 - 5pm

    Returning to "Where The Turf Meets the Surf", the 3rd Annual Turf & Surf BBQ Championship delivers an "All You Can Eat" BBQ experience this Sunday in Del Mar, CA. For those on Facebook... Bob (doing Tent...
  3. Bob Bass

    Congratulations to TVWBB member Jerry Aguilar of Burnin' and Lootin' BBQ

    Congratulations to TVWBB member Jerry Aguilar of Burnin' and Lootin' BBQ for winning Grand Champion of the Sam's Club National Pro BBQ Tour Regional competition in Las Vegas today, April 22nd ! Next stop... Bentonville !!!!
  4. Bob Bass

    Time for some BBQ at the beach... Ribs, Pigs & Watermelons at Huntington Beach

    The Annual Ribs, Pigs & Watermelons Pro BBQ Contests is happening on the beach... Really ! Teams will be cooking their Best Competition BBQ next to the white sands of Huntington Beach State Beach. If you're looking to get away this weekend and enjoy some...
  5. Bob Bass

    Alton Brown : Eat Your Science

    Maryann and I spent an enjoyable evening being part of the audience watching Alton Brown and his "Eat Your Science" live show at the Fox theatre in Riverside, CA. He's about at the end of the string of shows with only a few left, a couple more in California a one in Nevada. During the second...
  6. Bob Bass

    BBQ Competition : 5th Annual West Coast BBQ Classic : May 14, 2016 : Long Beach, CA

    If you're looking for a BBQ competition with a view, stop on by the 5th Annual West Coast BBQ Classic this Saturday, May 14, 2016. Smokin' hot BBQ teams cooking their best BBQ. Located in front of the Queen Mary !
  7. Bob Bass

    4th Annual Ribs Pigs & Watermelons Beer Festival & Pro BBQ Competition - this weekend

    4th Annual Ribs Pigs & Watermelons Beer Festival & Pro BBQ Competition - this weekend That time of year again ! Time for Sand, Waves, Beer and BBQ ! At 5pm this Friday, the Annual Ribs, Pigs & Watermelon event on the sands of Huntington State Beach will kick off. Features included are a Beer...
  8. Bob Bass

    Norco's Horsetown Brew N Que Festival... Who's going ?

    The 1st Annual Horsetown Brew N Que Festival is this Friday and Saturday. Besides being an Excellent event, some top teams are competing. Jack's Old South (Myron Mixon) Ponderosa BBQ (Moe Cason) Slap Yo Daddy BBQ (Harry Soo) Big Poppa Smokers (Sterling Ball) Simply Marvelous BBQ (Stephan...
  9. Bob Bass

    So who in SoCal is up for another Beach Party & BBQ ?? This time at Mission Beach !

    So who in SoCal is up for another Beach Party & BBQ ?? This time at Mission Beach ! Mission Beach, in San Diego, is celebrating their 100 yrs with a Mission Beach Centennial Festival which includes a KCBS BBQ Contest. Twenty-five Pitmasters will man their pits below the Giant Dipper roller...
  10. Bob Bass

    Kraft Recalls four varieties of its regular American Singles cheese product 8/29/2014

    Kraft has recalled some of their American cheese single due to an issue with one of their supplier's handling. NBC's news video Kraft Foods press release
  11. Bob Bass

    The Beach and BBQ.... what could be better ?

    The weekend of August 8th, 9th and 10th, the Annual Ribs, Pigs and Watermelon / Beer Festival and Pro BBQ Competition is being held at Huntington Beach (State Beach side). There is also a Facebook presence. A great way to spend a hot Southern California day or weekend. A Pro BBQ Competition...
  12. Bob Bass

    Comp chicken skin question(s)

    Hi Donna. Thanks for joining us here and sharing your pitmaster and judging experience and knowledge with us. For comps, I have seen cooks fully scrape the chicken (thighs, of course ;) ) skins to almost paper thin sheets. Have also seen cooks just cut off the butterfat and remove that web...
  13. Bob Bass

    Time for some Competition BBQ !

    With the weather improving, it's time to get out there and enjoy some Competition BBQ. This Saturday, March 22nd, is the Santa Anita BBQ 3rd Annual Winners Circle contest. Great weather, Great surroundings and Great BBQ. This morning, on a local TV channel, BigMista did a spot advertising...
  14. Bob Bass

    First Annual Harry Soo Groovin BBQ Backyard Cookoff 2013

    Next Saturday Dec 14th, 24 teams will compete at the Maurice Car'rie winery in Temecula, CA. This will be the very first of hopefully many Harry Soo Groovin BBQ Backyard Cookoffs. If you are in the...
  15. Bob Bass

    SYD - an entire KCBS Comp on a single 12" mini WSM

    From Harry Soo's facebook page... This Saturday, at the Lancaster (Calif) KCBS competition, Harry Soo will try to cook all 4 meats on a single 12" mini WSM !!!! He will the first, as far as anyone knows, to accomplish this feat. After judging, I plan on stopping by for his post-cook critique...
  16. Bob Bass

    CBBQA Competition BBQ Class, January 18 & 19, 2014

    The California BBQ Institute, the educational branch of the California BBQ Association (CBBQA), is pleased to announce a Competition BBQ Class to be held at the beautiful Lake Cachuma the weekend of January 18th, 2014. This will be a KCBS techniques class taught by 3 of California's Top...
  17. Bob Bass

    Attention Southern California BBQ Aficionados - August 17, 2013

    You've heard of Surf and Turf... Well, this is going to be Surf and BBQ. Not just BBQ. But Ribs, Pigs, Watermelon, Beer and More ! From Friday August 16 thru Sunday August 18, the "Rib, Pigs & Watermelon" event will be held on the beach at Huntington Beach State Beach. There will be a Rib...
  18. Bob Bass

    3rd Annual Best Backyard BBQ Contest - Ontario, CA - Aug 10th

    Quote from the SoCalMeatUp site " The City of Ontario Recreation and Community Services is hosting the event once again this year with the help of Smart and Final. This is a family event that will include a live band, games, crafts, activities and lots...
  19. Bob Bass

    California > Orange: Smoqued BBQ

    Smoqued BBQ 128 N. Glassell Street Orange, CA 92866 Excellent BBQ cooked Low and Slow on an industrial sized smoker by a dedicated BBQ Pitmaster. Ample parking in the rear. Had their brisket which truly passed the KCBS tests with flying colors. Wife had their...
  20. Bob Bass

    WSM Marketing

    Thank you Kevin for joining with us to give some insight into yourself and the vision that is Weber. Never an evening passes that at sometime during our television viewing, a glimpse of the King of Backyard Grilling, the Weber Grill, appears. It is a sight that we all love and admire...