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  1. Brad Olson

    Play. Ball.

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I really needed today. ;)
  2. Brad Olson

    Wisconsin > Appleton: Cinder's Charcoal Grill

    Like Mihm's in Menasha or Charcoal Inn in Sheboygan, Cinder's cooks over charcoal. They have a larger menu and while they do have "award winning baby back ribs" I don't know if they're truly barbecued or if they're grilled. Anyway, when I was there about 6 years ago I focused on the ground...
  3. Brad Olson

    Wisconsin > Menasha: Mihm's Charcoal Grill

    Mihm's is a brat & burger house and not a barbecue place, but they cook over live charcoal like several other places in Wisconsin's Fox Valley region and points east. I actually last ate at Mihm's a little over 6 years ago, but my understanding is that it's still pretty much the same...
  4. Brad Olson

    Illinois > Peru: Stone Jug Barbeque

    Back in 2018 I stopped at Stone Jug Barbeque in Peru, IL as part of a quick weekend jaunt to Champaign and back. The building dates to 1860, although it’s obviously been modified and remodeled several times since then. Brisket and ribs, with cornbread and beans on the side. The brisket was...
  5. Brad Olson

    What's in your wallet?

    I've been watching college basketball (Big Ten semi, Big Ten semi, Mountain West champ) today and it looks like it's going to be a good year for Capital One's March Madness-themed commercials that feature Charles Barkley, Samuel L. Jackson and Spike Lee. "In the Annapolis"...:ROFLMAO:
  6. Brad Olson

    Ace is the place!

    Jim Lampe posted this in a different thread: Did all of that come from Ace, Jim? I was in my local Ace yesterday and noticed a really nice variety; all of the ones (except the Weber) you have plus Kamado Joe, BGE, B & B lump, Wildwood something (I think), and maybe even 1 or 2 others. The...
  7. Brad Olson

    Root beer

    When I was a kid I was pretty fond of root beer, although back then my mom bought national brands like Dad's, Hires and (later) Barq's. I drifted away from it for a long time but am now buying it occasionally again, and am really enjoying local Wisconsin varieties like Gray's, Point, Potosi and...
  8. Brad Olson

    Wisconsin > Mukwonago: David Alan Alan's Smokehouse

    David Alan Alan's Smokehouse & Saloon 325 Bay View Rd Mukwonago, WI 53149 262-363-3227 I'm surprised I hadn't mentioned David Alan Alan's until now, but I met some friends there for lunch back in 2018: It was pretty solid barbecue, although they don't offer...
  9. Brad Olson

    Anybody got a Teeter?

    Does anyone here have and/or use a Teeter inversion table? If so, are you happy with it? Mrs. O has been going to the chiropractor for a few years now and I've noticed that since I'm now on my feet a lot more my lower back's been bothering me a bit, so we're giving some thought to the concept...
  10. Brad Olson

    RIP, Henry Aaron

    755 > 762*
  11. Brad Olson

    Christmas Eve dinner

    Since it was just the 2 of us for dinner Christmas Eve, I picked up what was either a small 2-bone rib roast or a big 2-bone rib steak. I made an herb paste for it and cooked it indirectly over charcoal; I just didn't feel like setting up the rotisserie for such a relatively small piece of...
  12. Brad Olson

    Mushroom burgers

    A few weeks ago I found a semi-forgotten 1-pound piece of chuck in the freezer, and since it was looking a little tired I decided to grind it for mushroom burgers. Step 1: Cook and caramelize the mushrooms in butter. NEVER oil, ALWAYS butter! ;) Step 2: Cube and season the beef, then mix...
  13. Brad Olson

    Fun with scallops

    Last month one of the stores was running a special on small scallops, so I picked some up to grill. Unfortunately they were wet-pack instead of dry-pack, but for about $7/lb I knew that's what I'd be getting. They can be a pain to skewer but the job's easier if the skewers stand upright and...
  14. Brad Olson

    Post-Thanksgiving rib roast

    A couple of days after Thanksgiving I was in the store and saw choice rib roasts for $6.99/lb, and being in a vulnerable state after several days of poultry I asked for an untrimmed, 3-bone roast. The next day I started by separating the ribs so that I could season (salt, pepper, oregano)...
  15. Brad Olson


    A couple of months ago (ugh, I've been slacking) I grilled my second picanha of 2020 over briquettes and a little bit of oak. Lately I've been adding dried oregano to the S&P I usually use with beef. The flavor's noticeable but not overpowering. Those slashes in the fat cap sure do...
  16. Brad Olson

    Great little things

    Taking off your socks at the end of the day. A cold drink after mowing the lawn. Opening the fridge in the wee, wee hours and finding one more beer. The first two I learned from my dad. The third I discovered on my own.;)
  17. Brad Olson

    Back on the chain gang

    After being involuntarily retired for nearly 8 months I landed a new gig this week, but it's definitely going to be a change of pace; after 34+ years in IT I'm going to now be a counterman at one of the local auto parts stores. But I've always been a gearhead in my spare time so I think it's...
  18. Brad Olson

    PBS remixed

    Mr. Rogers, Bob Ross and Julia Child like you've never heard them before: Bring on the roasted potatoes...
  19. Brad Olson

    The House That Barfed Christmas

    I apologize for the crappy phone photos from my car window, but try to picture a left-to-right panorama. The photos don't come anywhere near doing it justice. This house is on the far west side of Edgerton, WI and I could swear it gets more elaborate every year. Clark W. Griswold, Jr. would...
  20. Brad Olson

    Death, taxes and...?

    This morning I was doing minor repairs and reached for the bottle of Elmer's Glue-All, and naturally the nozzle tip was plugged. And that got me to thinking about the old saying that the only 2 sure things in life are death and taxes, but how there have to be a lot of thirds out there. So my...