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  1. Bob Bass

    Billows test run on 14" WSM

    Nice setup ! Thinking about all those excellent cooks about to happen....
  2. Bob Bass

    Pork butt - when is it done?

    Based on his picture, looks like the bone came out very early (as in before) the (pre-) cooking process... Twine....
  3. Bob Bass

    UK Briquettes, Heat Beads MIA? Alternatives wanted....

    What is the difference between Heat Beads BBQ briquettes and, let's say, Royal Oak Chefs Select briquettes other than the manufacturer ?
  4. Bob Bass

    47 wsm temp difference

    There is NO one set temperature difference. Any temperature differences are modified by conditions within the WSM. Those conditions include (but not limited to) : If water is used or not used in the pan, Which grate(s) have meat on them, Position of measuring temperature instrument inside...
  5. Bob Bass

    Instant Pot [or similar] Hard Boiled Eggs

    Wife does a batch every week, following the trip to the egg farm. All turn out just perfect. Very uniform and consistant. Using a Zavor 8qt LUX LCD Multicooker
  6. Bob Bass

    Anyone use a smaller charcoal ring for WSM 22 for shorter cooks?

    Nope. Sorry. We just shut down everything and reuse the charcoal for the next cook...
  7. Bob Bass

    How to fit foiled ribs?

    We do too... Cut offs share any open space on the grate...
  8. Bob Bass

    Green Chile Cheeseburgers

    Ahhh... Four Corners. You know, I've never really remember them at all. Might be that we normally stopped at the restaurant catty-corner from them... One my sons was a terrain park builder for Mammoth, so numerous trips to and fro.... ADDED: What's funny is that we would stop at the...
  9. Bob Bass

    How to fit foiled ribs?

    We normally trim to a competition rack. Only 9 ribs rather than a full rack of 13.
  10. Bob Bass

    There is an imposter among us.

  11. Bob Bass

    First Smoke Pulled Pork No wrap question

    Brian.... Just curious, which fat line are you going to follow. A typical Boston Butt has 10 - 11 individual muscles.
  12. Bob Bass is down

    Sounds like they use the same server facility (WebNX in Ogden Utah) as the EEVBlog. Apparently they were doing a load test on a backup generator when it caught fire, shutting down power to not only the servers but also the fire suppression system... Fire department also cut any remaining power...
  13. Bob Bass

    What bbq smoker temperature control unit is the best for the $ ? With WiFi, pit blower fan and meat and pit probes.

    Hi Russ, John's setting up is almost exactly as I have. I reused the bowl. It allows all 4 vent openings to be used rather than just a single opening. Note : on the 22 1/2" WSM, there are 4 opening on each vent wheel.
  14. Bob Bass

    What bbq smoker temperature control unit is the best for the $ ? With WiFi, pit blower fan and meat and pit probes.

    Hi Steve, A ex - Rocks BBQ Stoker user here too. I moved over to the Thermoworks Signals and Billows. Has been working as desired. No issues. AND, I reused the bowl on the Billows. Bob
  15. Bob Bass

    Lowering the charcoal grate for smoking in a 26er

    Hi Jim.... More room for said charcoal ??? Or, about the same functional reason why the 18 needs to be any taller than an 14... ;)
  16. Bob Bass

    Have you got your covid vaccine yet?

    Wife and I both have #2 (Moderna) in the bag. Did so this afternoon.
  17. Bob Bass

    RIP George Grindahl

    Chris, Maryann and I send our deepest condolences.
  18. Bob Bass

    Chimney charcoal starting

    Greg.... Here you go. The answers to your question regarding "How are you lighting the charcoal above with no flame source present?" is contained in this Virtual Weber Bullet section. How To Use A Chimney Starter
  19. Bob Bass

    Charcoal question

    Pretty much agree with all of the above. Let me add this... Fill the charcoal ring full to overflowing. Remove what you need for the chimney from the charcoal you placed in the ring.
  20. Bob Bass

    When the BBQ Gods send you a message you listen!

    Excellent cook Michael !