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  1. Brad Olson

    Mothers Day King Crab on the Silver C

    Yum! I definitely need to try grilling crab sometime.
  2. Brad Olson

    Mushroom stuffed Petit Tender

    Really nice, Dwain!
  3. Brad Olson

    Samosa pie

    Looks like a great way to use up some leftover brisket!
  4. Brad Olson

    Near disaster on WSM! But lucked out on pork!

    Seeing a loaded grate start to tilt is one of those slow-motion moments...I'm glad it wasn't worse!
  5. Brad Olson

    Some Chicken Legs

    Those drumsticks looks great! Did you eat all of them yourself?;)
  6. Brad Olson

    ....and today is.......

    I've always wondered why it's "Mother's Day" and not "Mothers' Day"...
  7. Brad Olson

    SS Grate for 22" kettle

    KillaGrilla is also an option.
  8. Brad Olson

    Things that make you SMILE...or "the Human Interest thread"

    If he's going to be just a good ol' dog, never meanin' no harm, then the choice is obvious. My granddaughter was born with a bilateral cleft palate and has since undergone 3 surgeries with probably 1 or 2 more to come. Seeing the smile on her face puts a smile on mine.
  9. Brad Olson

    The Humor Thread

    Why wasn't Luke Skywalker in the shot?
  10. Brad Olson

    Go-Anywhere Charcoal - Carry Case

    I've seen some purses that could easily accommodate a GA...perhaps you could find a "carry case" at Macy's or Saks.;)
  11. Brad Olson

    Teres Major Steak

    Chris, is teres major a regular item at Freedom Locker or did they cut it at your request? I have a hunch that most of us would have to place a special order with a good butcher.
  12. Brad Olson

    How about some good music links?

    Believe it or not, today is Bob Seger's 76th birthday. Instead of a clip from his SBB days, here's one from his early years:
  13. Brad Olson

    Who would you like to see host Jeopardy?

    Of course, if Rodgers is hired there's always the risk he's going to demand to write his own questions, decide who the support staff is, decide whether or not the executive producer stays or goes... ...which wouldn't be any different from his current job.;)
  14. Brad Olson

    So a gorgeous evening last night

    Jon, after various calculations involving posted sale prices and my wife's Kohl's employee discount I've discerned that you owe me 23 cents for the pair of Hanes that are collateral damage as a result of my uncontrollable laughter. 30 days and 1.5%. ;)
  15. Brad Olson

    Old Kettle Find

    At least you didn't have to chew off your own arm to get away... ;)
  16. Brad Olson

    Kingsford Professional Competition Briquets

    C'mon, Jim...don't you know that the surest indicator of a quality product is double entendre packaging?;)
  17. Brad Olson

    What's wrong here - Weber Kettle Bad Cook

    I'd burn another batch by itself in a clean bowl to see if the same problems exist. If they do the problem's most likely with the charcoal, and if they don't there's at least one other factor in play. That being written, I re-burn charcoal all the time but I also de-ash.
  18. Brad Olson

    How about some good music links?

    I see your Brewer & Shipley and raise you a Gunhill Road: And a pretty cool remake/reinvention:
  19. Brad Olson


    You're looking too far into the future with those steak omelettes...I suspect you'll raid the fridge more than once for a nibble before the night's over. ;) If I ever get ahold of some Wagyu I hope my first cook comes out half as good!
  20. Brad Olson

    Prime Rib

    Very nice, Rick! Did you leave the ribs attached for the indirect part of the cook and then separate them for the sear?