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    chicken on cobb grill

    hi guys.. its been a while since i last used my cobb grill, so i thought it was time to give it a try. ( i know its not a weber ) i did a whole chicken (about 3lbs) gave it a good amount of Boemsen BBQ Rub, its really good. I used briquette since i didnt have anything else than a cobb stone...
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    Glazed Applesmoked Ham.

    hi.. Last night i did a glazed and smoked ham, it turned out really well. bought a 4lbs ham, speared it, gave it around 2hours with plenty of applesmoke. when 20 minutess left, i started glazing it with a glaze of mustard and brownsugar and some capt.morgans spiced rum for fun. when 5 minutes...
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    fooling around with pork

    hi guys the other day i went a little crazy and just improvised that days dinner. i got 2 sirloins, i stufffed one with cream cheese And the other one with chorizo and mozarella wrapped it all up in bacon. put in on the weber for some cherry smoke for about 30 minutes one day ill be...
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    almost traditionel Danish pork Roast

    hi.. this sunday i visited my in laws in their summer residence. We did a traditionel danish porkroast on the roti. i only has Salt & peper and some bayleafes, it was about 4 lb gave it around 2hours.. unfortunately i didnt bring anything that could smoke :( but it was good. served with new...
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    chops & salad

    not much.. bought a couple of big and juicy porkchops, quick marinated them in a little oil and rosemary salt & peper, then on the grill. as side dish i made 2 types of salads, one with pasta, and one more traditional tomato salad with basil and mozerella. simple meal, but i was one of the...
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    Tigers Eye ( as we call them in Denmark )

    hi.. this is my first post... have mercy with me :) i just want to show you one of my latest experiments, took 1 slice of bread, added 2 slices of cheddar, took another piece of bread and stuck a hole in it, then on top of the bread with cheeses. crack an egg into to whole and wrapped it all...
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    Hello From Denmark

    hi guys.. im gald to join this forum, looking forward to be inspired and maybe inspire others. hope you all had a great 4th july. Best Regards Jørgen ( just call me Jerry )